Weber 57067001 3200
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Portable, easy-to-use natural gas grill with easy-start ignition and two powerful burners

The Weber Q 3200 natural gas grill is one of the smaller-sized grills with two still-powerful burners that heat quickly and evenly. Starting up is simple with the easy-start electronic ignition. Built to last, the Q 3200 is made from durable materials like cast aluminum and cast-iron, and also comes in both liquid propane and electric options (they have different model numbers). Its compact size makes it convenient for places like apartments or small porches.

Two powerful stainless steel burners with infinite control

Because of its smaller size, the grill’s two 21,700 BTU burners heat up the (total) 393 square-inch cooking area very quickly. Once the grill is hot and you’re cooking your food, the infinite control valve settings let you precisely adjust the direct and indirect heat, giving you total control over the grilling process.

Grill-out handle light

One of the unique features of the Q 3200 is the grill-out handle light. With this light, you can grill in the evening or in the winter when it gets dark faster, giving you more flexibility over your grilling schedule. The light also makes grilling in lower light much safer, as you can see exactly where you are in relation to the hot bars and food.


Handy for smaller spaces

The Q 3200 is ideal for grilling for two people. Many of the larger grills are pretty expensive, and if you only plan on regularly grilling for two, the extra burners aren’t really worth it. The compact size also helps with storage; the prep stations even fold up on the sides so you can easily leave your grill in a smaller garage over the winter.

Very little assembly

Unlike most grills, the Q 3200 requires very little assembly. The main part of the grill comes pre-assembled, leaving you with the handle and cart, which are easy to put together. This means less frustration and less time before you can get started grilling with your new Weber.

Easy to use

This grill has a simple, easy-to-use design so novice grillers will have no problem figuring it out. Starting the grill is as easy as pushing a button (the easy-start electronic ignition button, to be exact), and the valve settings are clearly marked and conveniently-placed so you’ll have no trouble taking ownership over the grilling process.


Limited cooking and work space

The biggest issue with the Weber 57067001 is that it simply does not have the cooking or prep space when compared to other grills. If you plan on cooking for a lot of people on a frequent basis, you will probably get frustrated with the lack of work area and have trouble fitting as much food on the grill as you wanted. If you are okay with the smaller space most of the time, but do have larger events in mind, you could compensate by starting to grill earlier (so you don’t have to be grilling during your whole party) and keep the food in foil so all the grilling is done before people arrive.

Overall Review

The Q 3200 is a super convenient, fast-heating, and compact grill option that gives the same infinite valve setting control and easy use that larger, more expensive grills offer. If you are not experienced with grilling, but want to be get started, this is a great choice for your first real grill. The grill is easy to start, the burners are easy to control, and it’s compact enough for spaces like apartments or small decks. It also requires less assembly than many grills, so you can start learning how to grill right away.