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Natural gas-grill with front-mounted control panel, individual electronic ignition system, and 3 stainless steel burners

The Weber Genesis S-310 natural gas grill is a durable, powerful grill with features designed to increase your control over grilling. It is also easy to maintain and has a liquid propane variant (that model has a different number) with all the same features.

Powerful burners

A big part of a grill’s power comes in the form of its BTU. The S-310 has a total BTU of 38,000 for the 3 main burners and 12,000 for the side. For comparison, charcoal grills have about 9,000 BTU while wood has 7,000. More powerful burners means the S-310 will heat up and cook your food faster.

Durable flavorizer bars

The S-310’s flavorizer bars transform drippings into smoke which helps flavor the cooking food. They made from strong, long-lasting stainless steel (unlike other grills that use porcelain enamel) and allow you to make more delicious meats and veggies without having to mess with drippings yourself.


Easy to care for

Grills can be a real pain to clean and maintain. However, with the Weber Genesis 6650001, all the excess grease is caught in a tray that can be thrown away for easy clean up. The chute that the grease flows down can also be removed for cleaning as it is designed to simply slide out. The grates and flavorizer bars just need to be scraped clean occasionally and with the proper tools, it doesn’t take too much effort or time.

Made to last

The last thing you want is to buy an expensive grill and have it break down after only a few years. The Genesis S-310 is made from durable materials like stainless steel and porcelain-enameled heat deflectors which can withstand frequent exposure to very high temperatures without breaking down.

Lots of cooking area

With the S-310, you have lots of cooking space. It has a 507-square-inch main cooking area and a 130-square-inch warming rack, so for total cooking area you have 637 square inches to work with. This is convenient for when you’re dealing with a lot of plates, tools, and or prep work and need to have everything right on the grill with you.


Complicated for novice grillers

The Weber Genesis S-310 is made with serious grillers in mind. If you are not experienced, you may find that all the features (like the fine-tuning valves and searing station) are wasted. If you just want a grill that will cook meat through and aren’t considered about precision or work space, the S-310 may take a lot of time for you to figure everything out.

Overall Review

If you consider yourself a grill master and want a natural gas grill that gives you total control over heat and flavor, as well as providing you with lots of work space, the S-310 is an easy-to-maintain, powerful option. It is designed to last for years while always heating up quickly and evenly, so your food is always cooked like you expect it to be.