Weber Genesis E-330 Natural-Gas Grill
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Fast-heating natural gas grill with three burners and sear station

The Genesis E-330 is part of the Weber series and has three stainless-steel burners in addition to a sear station, plenty of workspace, and precision settings for total control over your grilling experience. It also comes in a liquid propane variant. A less expensive model than some other Weber grills, the E-330 is still a powerful, long-lasting grill choice.

10,000 BTU sear station

One of the best features of the E-330 is the sear station. With a BTU of 10,000, the sear station is ideal for cooking steak, certain types of fish, and other foods that require fast, hot temperatures. Having a separate burner for searing gives you more control over the end result and allows you to perfect your skills.

Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates

Both the sear station burner and main burners have porcelain-enameled cooking grates that are designed to hold heat and create an even-heating surface. Beneath the porcelain, the grates are made from cast-iron so they are extremely heavy-duty and made to endure high temps and the wears of time.

Porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars and heat deflectors

Like the cooking grates, the Weber Genesis 6631001’s flavorizer bars and heat deflectors are enameled in porcelain. Heat deflectors help with heat control so you can cook using indirect heat. The flavorizer bars evaporate food drippings into flavor-boosting smoke, creating even more delicious grilled meals.


Increased grilling control

With features like the sear station, heat deflectors, and precision controls, you get total control over temperature, direct or indirect heat, and flavor. Many grills don’t have a sear station, so you don’t get the cooking versatility like you do with this grill. The E-330 also has a built-in temperature gauge so you know exactly how hot your grill is at any given time.

Easy to clean

Much of the E-330 is designed to help with cleaning, which is the least fun part about having a grill. The Weber grease management system catches any grease that the flavorizer bars don’t use and pours them down through a chute into a disposable pan. The burner tubes of the grill are also constructed to make cleaning easier; they are more resistant to rust than many other grills’ tubes, so you don’t have to spend as much time scraping during winterizing.


The E-330 is a solid, resilient grill made of materials like cast-iron, stainless steel, and porcelain enamel. These materials are meant to hold heat and not break down from the exposure, as well as resist rusting from food moisture. With proper care (like buying a cover for your grill), the E-330 will stay strong for many years.



Most grills take some time to assemble, but the E-330 has a lot of pieces and steps you have to follow. If you aren’t good at putting things together or following directions, you will find the grill assembly frustrating. To help ease any anxiety, recruit somebody who has experience putting grills together and keep the customer service number for Weber on hand if you get confused.

Overall review

The Weber Genesis E-330 is a relatively simple, easy-to-maintain grill that heats up fast and holds heat well. As a cook, you also get complete control with features like the precision settings and searing station. With the easy-to-manage three burners and sear station, this grill is a good first “serious” grill if you have had some experience grilling, but haven’t taken the plunge yet to get a really good, powerful grill that will last for a long time.