Weber Genesis
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Natural gas grill with front-mounted control panel, stainless-steel burners, and individual ignitions

The Weber Genesis E-310 natural gas grill is a sturdy, easy-use grill with three stainless-steel burners, flavorizer bars, and an infinite control valve system, and lots of work and cooking space. The E-310 also comes in a liquid propane model, which has a different model number.

Porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars

One of the best features of the Genesis 6611001 are the Weber-designed flavorizer bars. Their porcelain enamel keeps the bars durable and easy to clean, while the bars themselves sizzle up succulent food drippings into flavor-boosting smoke that makes your grilled food taste amazing.

Grease management features

The flavorizer bars don’t use all the grease, and for the grease that’s left over, the E-310 has a grease management chute that leads to a disposable catch pan. Grease will collect there and when it’s full (after several cookouts), you just throw the pan away and replace it with a new one.


Fast, even heating

The E-310 heats up very fast and heats evenly, which is crucial for evenly-cooked chicken, steak, fish, and so on. Having that properly-distributed heat means you can get cooking fast and finish quickly, reducing the amount of time it takes to make delicious barbecues. No one wants to slave over a hot grill for an entire afternoon or evening, and the E-310 ensures you’ll never have to.

Easy-clean up

When it comes to cleaning, the E-310 is designed well. In addition to the clever grease management system, the grates and burners of the grill can be lifted up and scraped. There aren’t any of those impossible to reach places where grease becomes trapped, so doing a full clean before winter won’t be frustrating or take all day.

Built to last

The E-310 is not meant to be a cheap starter grill or a grill that breaks down after only a few years. The durable materials (stainless steel, porcelain enamel, etc) are constructed to endure lots of high temperatures over many years so you can rest easy that the investment will be worth it.


Doesn’t have side burner or sear station

Unlike the 330-model, the E-310 doesn’t have a side burner or sear station, so cooking space is more limited. It also makes cooking up more delicate foods or sauces that need an isolated burner trickier. However, this isn’t a big problem if you don’t plan on using more than 3 burners at once and are fine with not having a burner specifically for searing.

Overall Review

The Weber Genesis E-310 may lack a side burner and sear station, but it has all the features that give you total control over cooking (the valve systems, flavorizers, even heating) and fast, easy clean-up (the grease management, take-apart burner grates). It is large enough for big crowds and made of durable materials, so you’ll be cooking on this grill for years with great results.