48 800-BTU Natural-Gas S-470 Natural-Gas
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Powerful grill with Snap-Jet ignitions, four stainless-steel burners, and lots of extras

The Weber Summit S-470, with its four stainless-steel burners and lightning-fast Snap-Jet ignitions, has all the elements of a classic grill, and then some. Grilling is easy from start to finish, from turning it on to cleaning it up. It also comes in a liquid propane model. If you want a grill that allows you to grill food in new and delicious ways, the S-470 is worth the investment.

Side burner, smoker burner, sear station, and rotisserie

The “and then some” of this Weber grill consists of four extras burners that provide precise and unique grilling options. The side burner has a BTU of 12,000, the smoker (with stainless-steel smoker box) is 8,000, and sear station and rear-mounted rotisserie burner each have 10,600 BTUs. Combined with the 48,800 of the main burners, that’s a lot of power.

Stainless-steel flavorizer bars

As the powerful burners grill your food, the stainless-steel flavorizer bars are there to enhance flavor. As the juice from your grilling meats or veggies drips off, the bars evaporate the liquid into taste-boosting steam that seeps into the food. To clean the bars, simply wipe them down to prevent rust.

Grease management

There’s always grease that doesn’t get vaporized by the flavorizer bars, so whatever is left over goes down the grease management chute into the catch pan. When that’s full, just throw it away and replace it. This system keeps grease from building up in your grill and making it impossible to clean. Clean-up has never been so easy with the S-470.



The total BTU of the Weber Summit 7270001 is around 70,000. That’s a ton of power and generates a lot of heat. Because it’s spread over a wide area, not one burner will get so hot that it’s impossible to do anything except sear, so you can still cook food slowly on a cooler temperatures. Having so much power means faster food, which means less work, which is always good.


The S-470 has a lot of cool features that make the grill very versatile. An example is the smoker, which allows you to slow cook foods like ribs and real barbeque with that smoky, rich flavor. Having precise control over direct and indirect heat also allows for increased versatility, so you can cook thick cuts of meat as well as thin, delicate fillets.

Cool, useful accessories

In addition to the important stuff like powerful burners and precision controls, the S-470 has some cool features like the grill-out light. It’s ideal for working during the evening or even night time, lengthening the amount of time you can grill safely. The light has a sensor that comes on when you open the lid, illuminating the burners and food. Some other useful features include two spacious work stations and fork-and-spit storage for the rotisserie.


Grill tries to do everything

The S-470 is packed with features. It tries to be everything: a grill, a smoker, a rotisserie.. unless you plan on using all of the features, the grill is probably not worth the high price. Figuring out everything can also be frustrating, so if you do plan on getting the grill and it has a lot more to it than your previous grill, spend some time learning how to use everything and how to make the most out of the Summit.

Overall Review

If you want a simple grill that you can just cook steak or burgers on, the Weber Summit S-470 probably isn’t for you. However, if you want a powerful grill you can play with and you’re an experienced griller, this is perfect. The four burners and versatile smoker, sear station, and additional burners provide lots of ways for you to grill and take your cooking up to the next level.