7420001 S-620 Natural-Gas Natural-Gas
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Spacious, fast-heating grill with side burner and Snap-Jet ignitions

The Weber Summit S-620 is a front-mounted, 6-burner grill with a convenient side burner, lots of cooking space, and Snap-Jet individual burner ignitions. It has all of the classic Weber features like a grease management system and precision control setting valves. The Summit 7420001 is one of the largest grills on the market, which makes it ideal for big barbeques and parties. It is also available in a liquid propane model.

838-square inches of total cooking space

When you’re cooking for a large group at an event like a reunion, you need a grill with lots of cooking space. The S-620 has a total of 838-square inches with 693 of those inches devoted to primary cooking space. Many other grills have less primary cooking space, making the S-620 one of the larger grills on the market. The grill also has a 145-inch warming rack where meat can rest.

Powerful burners

The S-620, in addition to its size, has powerful burners that have a total of 60,800 BTUs. The burners are made of stainless steel, which ensures strong heat retention. The side burner has BTU of 12,000, making it a great burner for searing and over cooking methods that require high temperatures.

Flavorizer bars

The grill’s stainless-steel flavorizer bars assist the powerful burners in creating delicious, juicy food. By catching the food’s juices and vaporizing them, the bars help flavor the meat in an aromatic smoke. The stainless steel makes the bars easy to wipe clean and stay rust-free.


Lots of space

The Weber Summit S-620 has a lot of space, both cooking and prep. This allows you to prep right on the grill, grill lots of food at once, and reduce your overall cooking time. The side burner also gives you more flexibility about cooking foods like sauces and soups.


The power on the S-620 is remarkable. The next highest BTU for comparable grills is 48,800. Because the BTU is dispersed over a large area, you don’t have to worry about the high number meaning that the grill can’t hold heat: the grill is insulated and made from heat-retaining materials that keep your foods cooking evenly.


Durable materials are very important if you want a grill that will last. The S-620 is made entirely from stainless steel and iron that will stay strong for years to come. These are materials made to withstand frequent, high temperatures, so you can grill frequently without worrying about the grill wearing down.



One of the grill’s strengths is also a weakness. Because the grill is so huge, it limits where you can store it when you’re using it and during the winter months if you don’t grill. The grill won’t work for smaller decks as it dominates the space it’s in. To plan ahead, measure the area where you want to keep your grill and compare it to the S-620’s dimensions so you aren’t surprised and disappointed.

Overall Review

The Weber Summit S-620 grill is for people who want their grill to stand out. Its stainless steel-and-iron construction is both functional and gorgeous, and its large size allows for tons of cooking space for large gatherings. This is a grill that is built to last for years and be used frequently. The powerful, even-cooking burners and features like flavorizer bars assure delicious, perfectly-cooked food every time you use it.