Weber Summit
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Versatile, powerhouse grill with precision control and unique burner features

The Weber Summit S-670 natural gas grill empowers complete grilling control with precision valve control settings for temperature and six powerful main burners that total 60,800. It also has unique burner features that separate it from comparable grills and enhance grilling versatility.

Side burner, sear station, smoker, and rotisserie

The S-670’s unique burners are comprised of a side burner, powerful sear station, smoker with smoke box, and a rotisserie with a Tuck-Away system for efficiency. With these features, your grill becomes a powerhouse that can cook food any way you can imagine while maintaining even heating surfaces.

Stainless-steel flavorizer bars

Unlike some of the Weber variants, the flavorizer bars on the Summit 7470001 are stainless steel (and not porcelain-enameled) and better designed to hold heat and wipe off for easy cleaning. The bars enhance the flavor of meat and veggies by vaporizing the drippings.

Grease management

In regards to the grease that doesn’t get evaporated, it goes down the grease management chute into a disposable pan. You can use the same pan for several cookouts, and once it’s full of old grease, you just throw it away and replace it with a new one. This grease management system helps keep the grill clean and rust-free, so you are spending less time cleaning and scraping and more time grilling.


Grilling versatility

Because the S-670 has so many different kinds of burners, you have the freedom to grill in a whole new way. You can perfectly sear tuna steaks, smoke salmon and ribs, cook a whole chicken…the list goes on, providing you with a wide range of methods with slow-cooking and fast-cooking dishes. Very few grills give you such versatility.


The S-670 is constructed entirely from materials like stainless steel and iron (no porcelain enamel), so it’s extremely durable and made to last for 15-20 years. The grill is expensive, but it is designed to thrive with high temperatures, harsh elements, and time. You won’t have to buy another grill for a long time when you choose the Weber Summit.

Huge size

This grill is huge and most of it consists of primary cooking space. With so many burners, you could easily cook a feast in an afternoon. This makes big events like parties, graduations, reunions, and birthdays a snap and you don’t have to be cooking all day to make enough food for everyone.



Like many grills with a ton of features and burners, the high price tag and size is only worth it if you plan on taking advantage of all of them. If you only use a few burners at once, you’ll probably find the S-670 overly-complicated and wasteful. However, if you consistently find that your current grill is not big enough and/or you can’t cook things the way want to (can’t get a good sear or smoke, etc), then this grill is a good choice.

Overall Review

The Weber Summit S-670 is a very versatile, durable grill designed with intense grillers in mind who will take full advantage of the numerous burners and cooking method options. With extra burners like the rotisserie and smoker, you can enhance your grilling skills, get great-tasting food, and have precise control over all of it.