Weber Summit Natural-Gas
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Very solid, powerful stainless-steel natural gas grill with five total burners

If you’re looking for a grill with a lot of power, easy clean-up, and will last for the next twenty years, the Weber Summit S-420 grill is a great choice. With five total burners (four main, 1 side), you can easily multitask on a hot, even-temp surface and grill terrific food.

12,000-BTU side burner

When you need to multitask by searing a separate cut of meat, or even cook sauces or marinades, the side burner is the ideal spot. With a BTU of 12,000, this burner is extremely powerful and will cook high-temp foods like tuna steaks perfectly every time.

Snap-Jet burner ignition system

Starting up a grill can be an annoying process, but the Snap-Jet burner ignition on the Weber Summit 722001 is as easy as turning a knob. The burners leap to life in seconds and heat evenly at high temperatures all along the surface. You won’t have to deal with any cold spots anymore.

Flavorizer bars

When you’ve started the grill and are cooking, your food will probably lose a lot of grease. With other grills, all those juices just drip down and are wasted, but with the S-420’s stainless-steel flavorizer bars, the juices are vaporized into a marinating smoke that infuses flavor back into the meat or veggies.


Easy clean up

Cleaning a grill can be an exhausting process. There’s a lot of scraping and soaping and soaking involved. With the Weber’s grease management system, clean up is much easier. Grease that doesn’t get evaporated by the flavorizer bars goes down a stainless-steel chute into a disposable tray. When it gets full, you just throw the tray away. The chute just needs to be wiped off and you’re done.

High, even temps

Having hot, even temperatures is very important for good grilling. On the S-420, the main burners total 48,000 BTUs. All that heat is taken advantage of by the cookbox and shroud, which help the heat circulate and stay insulated inside the grill, so everything cooks evenly. The cooking grates are also designed for even heating.


Grills are big purchases, so you want them to last for decades. The S-420 is made entirely from iron and stainless steel, so you know it will be around for a while. It can withstand harsh winters and hot temperatures, and with the appropriate care, you’ll be grilling on it happily for the next twenty years.


Not as much work space as comparable grills

The grill’s main weakness is that it doesn’t have as much cooking and work space compared to similar grills. The total space on the grill is 650-square inches, with 538 of that devoted to just primary cooking space. You have two areas of stainless steel for prep, but if you cook a lot of food at once and have plates everywhere, that may not be enough. To compensate, place a small table next to the grill that you use as extra space, or do your prep work inside before coming out to grill.

Overall Review

The Weber Summit S-420 natural gas grill is built to last and easy to maintain. It has a lot of power in its burners, heats evenly, and is perfect if you’re a serious griller who likes to multitask, but doesn’t want to fiddle with too many bells-and-whistles that weigh down other grills.