Nose Ear Hair
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Reliable Battery Powered Trimmer

The Panasonic ER421KC is a good quality, reliable battery powered trimmer that easily trims hair in the nose and ears as well as grooms the eyebrows and other facial hair. It is a wet/dry trimmer and is fully immersible in water, so you can use it in the shower to save time. It does include a light to help illuminate grooming.

Efficient Use of Power

While the ER421KC is a quality groomer that gets the job done, it’s not the most powerful nose hair trimmer in this price range. However, it only runs on one AA battery, which is nice because it takes less of an investment to keep it running.


Affordable Trimmer

This nose hair trimmer is affordable and works really well in the nose. This means that when it comes to basic groomers for the nose and ears, this is an excellent option that will not break your bank.

Ergonomic Design

The ER421KC facial hair trimmer is made to be easy to hold and use. The heft is nice and it has a good balance in your hand.

Included Grooming Light

The grooming light on this model may surprise you. It doesn’t exactly help while you’re trimming because of how it is positioned. But if you pause and move the trimmer so that it shines in the right spot, you can see if you missed any hairs in your nose or ears. This is a nice feature that isn’t usually included on models in this price range.


Less Power

While the single AA battery is a nice money saver for you, it does cut the power of the Panasonic ER421KC when compared to other models that use two AA batteries. If you have thick, wiry or curly hair you may have to choose a more powerful model that uses two batteries.

Harder to Clean

The ER421KC is designed to be cleaned under running water, but you may be disappointed at how well it actually does get cleaned using this method. Instead, you may have to take the head off occasionally to clean the harder to reach spots. You may even need to get a cotton swab and some lightweight oil on the blades to get them really clean.

Overall Review

For an affordable nose hair trimmer, the Panasonic ER421KC Nose, Ear & Facial Hair Trimmer does a good job. The fact that it’s fully water-tight is a great feature for shower grooming or grooming in a steam-filled bathroom. The ER421KC runs on a single AA battery, which means you will spend less on batteries in the long run, but the sacrifice is power. If you think you’ll need a powerful groomer for a lot of hair or very course and wiry hair, you may not get the results you really need from this model. Still, for the price, this is a quality unit that is easy to use and feels great in the hand so you can easily work through long grooming sessions.