Duty Steel Nose Trimmer With LED
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Painless Trimming of Sensitive Spots

The professional heavy duty steel nose trimmer by ToiletTree is an expensive nose hair trimmer that actually does get the job done. While hair pulling and occasional pain is a common complaint when it comes to battery operated handheld nose trimmers, this one might be the most painless option on the market. It doesn’t create the closest trim you could get, but that’s a small price to pay to avoid pain and pulling while grooming nose hairs.

Works Well for Ears

This trimmer was specifically designed for nose hairs, but also works as an ear trimmer as well. It can also do detail work on the eyebrows and beard, but you’ll notice it works best for the ears and nose. The blade is uniquely designed to cut hair from both the sides and top, meaning fewer passes and an even trim.


Steel Construction

When you look at comparable battery operated models in this price point, it’s really a rare find to see one made without a plastic body. The ToiletTree Professional nose trimmer is the exception to that rule. It is made with durable stainless steel, extending the life of the product.

LED Light

The LED light is efficient and doesn’t cause additional strain on the battery that runs the trimmer. It is well-placed and works better at highlighting the hairs than some other trimmers that are in the same price range.

Masculine Design

The stainless steel body and masculine design give this little groomer a look that could be compared to a screwdriver. This makes it nice for a man to use and leave sitting on the countertop. The fact that it’s waterproof and could be used in the shower is an added bonus.


Battery and Switch Issues

There is a common problem in this model that has to do with the battery and the on/off switch. If you don’t put the battery in correctly, it can be impossible to get the unit to start. Also, it’s a common problem for the switch to break so that the unit will only turn off if you take the battery all the way out.

The Head Must Be Locked

When using this unit, you have to put some extra care into making sure that the head is properly locked in. If you don’t take the time to do that, you may experience a situation in which the blade is actually ejected from the unit.

Overall Review

The ToiletTree Professional water resistant steel nose trimmer offers a very quality build that is affordable. Compared to other trimmers in its class, the stainless steel body of this trimmer is a very big plus. And while there are a couple of design flaws that you might encounter, those are not going to be an issue for most people as long as you make sure you’re inserting the battery correctly and securing the head until it locks. The masculine design, waterproof capability and LED light are bonuses that make this trimmer even better.