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Affordable Quality

The Wahl 5546-200 facial hair trimmer is a good quality trimmer that beats the price of other trimmers in its class. It has a nice feature for hygiene: an additional attachment for the ears so that you aren’t using the same head for your nose and ears. It also comes with a brow blade and comb.

Streamlined Design

The overall design of the 5546-200 Wahl is very streamlined and simple. It looks nice and feels good in your hand. The blade is guaranteed not to pull the hair or cause pain, and it stands up to this claim very well. The cutting heads are easy to pop on and off for cleaning or changing function.


Painless Trim

It can be hard to find a trimmer that doesn’t have some level of pulling and pain, but this 5546-200 model Wahl has been designed for pain free nose trimming. It won’t pull and will power through even the coarsest and thickest of hair with no problem.

Efficient Hair Removal

The biggest advantage when using the 5546-200 is how quickly it gets the job done. You’ll be in and out in minutes and you won’t have to do extra passes like you do with some of the competition in this price range.

High Power

This unit only needs on AA battery to run, but it uses that power wisely and actually runs like a much higher power unit. This helps it to get through course and thick hair without pulling, which is a big plus.


The Light Doesn’t Help

Although a light is a nice addition to a nose hair trimmer, the one on the Wahl 5546-200 trimmer just isn’t placed in a way that makes it very useful while grooming. You can use it to shine in the nose if you stop what you’re doing and shine it at the right angle, but it doesn’t work well during use.

Narrow Eyebrow Guide

While the eyebrow attachments are a nice feature, they aren’t as well designed on the Wahl as they are on some of the competitive brands. The attachment is narrow and may not work for very bushy eyebrow grooming. If you’re only looking for a good nose trimmer, don’t let this dissuade you, but if you do want something that will take care of eyebrows just as well as nose hair, look to another model with a bigger guide.

Overall Review

While this model has some design features that disappoint, it’s an overall quality unit. If a light that works without stopping, or a large eyebrow trimmer are important features that you are looking for in a trimmer, you may have to look at another brand. But when it comes to getting the job of nose hair and ear hair done, this Wahl 5546-200 ear and nose trimmer will not disappoint. It runs like a higher powered model to power through even the coarsest and thickest of hair. Best of all, it does all of this without pulling your hair or pinching your skin, so trimming is actually a nice experience.