Cuisinart CPM-100 EasyPop Hot B005RRBGYA
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Easy-to-use, health-friendly air popper that makes 15 cups in under 3 minutes

WIth the Cuisinart CPM-100 EasyPop, making oil-free popcorn that is much fresher and healthier than microwave popcorn takes only 3 minutes for 15 cups. With its compact size and easy-to-clean parts, storing and caring for this air popper is much simpler than with oily, larger stove tops or machines.

Removable multi-purpose cup and chute

The EasyPop is made of three main parts: the cup, the chute, and the base with the motor. The cup is multipurpose and doubles as a butter melter and measuring cup, so you can measure out the perfect amount of corn for every batch. The chute allows the popcorn to come right out of the machine into a bowl. The cup and chute separate for easy storage.

Easy On/Off switch for more popping control

A concern with many air poppers is that there is no “On/Off” button and you have to plug and unplug the cord to start or stop the popper. This is energy-inefficient and can be dangerous if you forget to unplug it. Having the button right in front of you helps you remember the EasyPop’s convenient On/Off switch, you have more control over preheating and safety.


Makes healthy popcorn with no oil

The EasyPop doesn’t need any oil to make puffy, fresh popcorn – just air- so the health benefits compared to stove top poppers, microwave, and popping machines are much clearer. By making plain popcorn, you have complete control over what ingredients are going into your body so you can choose to either have the popcorn as is (and add zero calories to your day) or lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, and so on.

Super easy to clean

Another positive of the EasyPop is because its part are removable, the unit is super easy to clean. They are also both dishwasher-safe, so simply stick the cup and chute in the top rack, and wipe down the base with a paper towel if you want. Poppers that use oil need to be cleaned after nearly every use or else the unit gets gummy and grimy.

Butter-melting option

In case you want butter instead of completely plain popcorn, the EasyPop’s measuring cup works as a well for butter, as well. Simply spread butter according to the instructions and the butter will melt down over the popcorn as it pops.


Small capacity

The EasyPop air popper does not make as much popcorn compared to stove tops or machines. You can make continuous batches, but the machine might overheat and cause problems. Also, because of the air popper’s small capacity, it is easy to overfill it which causes lots of unpopped kernels flying out. This can seem like a waste of kernels as well as make a mess. Consider how many people you plan on feeding with the popcorn maker you choose and be sure to follow directions about how many kernels to put in the EasyPop.

Bland flavor

Even with add-ins like salt or sugar, popcorn popped with air just has a blander taste than popcorn cooked in oil. If you are not concerned about zero calories or small amounts of oil, but do care about getting a flavor closer to what you would find a movie theater, the EasyPop is not a great choice. However, if you are good at mixing your own seasonings and hate what microwave popcorn does with artifical butter, EasyPop is definitely a good option.

Overall Review

If you love popcorn but want a healthier (and more affordable) option than what stove tops and machines offer, the Cuisinart EasyPop provides oil-free, fast popping, easy cleanup, and more choice about what you want to season your popcorn with. The EasyPop is not a popper for large groups or people looking for a theater-style popcorn, but if you want an efficient popper for a few people at a time, EasyPop is a good way to go.