Great Northern Antique Popcorn Popper
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Get the full vintage package with 3-gallon per batch popper machine

The 6097 Foundation popper machine gives you the full vintage package with its looks and popcorn capacity; it’s like something you would see at a carnival or classic movie theater. With this professional-grade popper you can make 3 gallons in around 6-8 minutes, or less if you so desire, as the kettle size is 8 ounces. Unlike similar popper machines, you also get a full-control control panel and a cart.

Deluxe edition complete with 3-switch control panel

This deluxe model of the Foundation Antique-Style includes three easy-to-use switches for total control over the popcorn-making process. The switches control a spot light warmer, stirrer, and pot heater. These features guarantee that no kernels will burn in the cooking process and that the hot, fresh popcorn stays heated when it’s finished.

16-inch ball-bearing wheels make moving a breeze

The cart to this machine has 16-inch, ball-bearing wheels that make moving your popcorn machine around super safe and convenient. Rather than having to lug the machine around your house or when you’re using it for an event, the cart allows you to easily push the Foundation wherever you need to go.


Very quiet

A lot of popcorn poppers (air poppers in particular) are loud, and this is often a problem with larger popcorn machines. The Foundation, however, has a exclusive “whisper-quiet” motor that won’t disturb you as it pops large amounts of popcorn. This makes it ideal for use in a home movie theater where you don’t want loud noise to interrupt the festivities, as well as for late-night snacking when the rest of the house is asleep.

Quality construction

For a machine this size, you want strong, durable parts that will last a long time. The panels in the 6097 Foundation are made from tempered safety glass which is scratch-proof and won’t warp from the heat. The rest of the machine is made from powder coated and stainless steel, no plastic, so it is durable. The bicycle-style wheels are also very safe and large so moving the machine is smooth and easy, which is important so the Great Northern popcorn machine doesn’t jolt or jam.

Easy to clean

Another positive quality about this popcorn popper is that its easy to clean. The kettle and kernel disposal tray are all removable, so you can take them apart from the Great Northern popcorn maker and wash with soap and water. The stainless steel just wipes off with a paper towel.


Not really worth it unless you plan on using it for large groups

Though you can easily pop small amounts of popcorn in the Great Northern Foundation, it would really be a waste. This popper machine is best used when it’s being used for large parties and events like county fairs, office parties, and other gatherings where you need to continuously make large batches of popcorn without hovering over a stove or burning out an air popper.

Overall Review

With its large capacity and easy mobility, the Great Northern Popcorn 6097 Foundation is designed with large groups and events in mind. Whether you have a home theatre and love to host movie nights with theater-quality popcorn or are looking for a popcorn machine for an office, this popper machine is up to the task much more than a stovetop or air popper, and with the cart included, it’s more complete than other similar machines.