Great Northern Bar Style Lincoln Popcorn Machine
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Heavy duty, bar-style, vintage popcorn machine makes 3 gallons per batch

The bar-style Great Northern Lincoln is a heavy-duty, stainless-steel popper machine with a vintage look that can make 3 gallons of fresh popcorn per batch (about 6-8 minutes). Designed to be displayed, the Lincoln is a durable, efficient popper ideal for home theaters and households that can’t get enough of homemade popcorn, but don’t want to deal with manually stirring a stove top or eating just plain popcorn made with an air popper.

Warming bulb, stirrer, and pot heater all included

The three switches on the Lincoln are responsible for making that terrific homemade popcorn every time. The pot heater switches heats the oil in the pot while the motor-run stirrer keeps all the kernels moving so nothing gets burned. The warming bulb (spot light warmer) keeps the popped corn hot as it piles up in the machine.

Reject kernel tray catches unpopped corn

Unpopped kernels will inevitably end up with the popped corn, but the reject kernel tray takes care of those old maids so you don’t have to pick around them when you’re enjoying your popcorn. As you scoop out the popcorn, the kernels fall through small holes into the disposal tray so you can throw them away later. This feature ensures you will have a perfectly-puffed serving every time you use the Lincoln.


Easy assembly and use

The size of the Lincoln may be intimidating, but it is super easy to assemble out of the box and take apart as well when you need to clean the kettle and tray. Using it is also easy and by following the directions about the switches, you shouldn’t have any problems with making your first batch.

Durable, quality materials

The durability and quality of materials for popcorn machines is very important as inferior metals and plastics will break down or warp because of the heat. The Lincoln Antique Popcorn Machine is made from superior stainless and powder coated steel, tempered glass, and a heat-proof base that won’t burn whatever the machine is sitting on. The Lincoln is designed for strength and many years of frequent use.

Leftovers stay warm with heating light

Another positive about the Lincoln is the heating bulb that keeps leftovers warm and fresh-tasting, even after being left in the machine for a day or two. Leftover popcorn is not a concept that exists with air poppers or stove tops, so if you make a lot of popcorn and can’t eat it all at once, you can wait till later and simply turn the light on to get the popcorn hot again.


Size and storage

The biggest issue with the Lincoln is its size. This is not meant to be a compact popper that can fit in your kitchen cupboards. It is also too big to keep on your countertop where you need work space for other cooking. The fact that this popper machine doesn’t come with a cart further complicates the issue of where to store the popper and makes it harder to use it you plan on transporting the popper anywhere. For all your popper supplies (popcorn bags, scoops, etc), the Lincoln does not have a built-in storage tray like other similar machines do. For this unit, a storage solution would be to display it on a bar top that has drawers or trays for the rest of the supplies.

Overall Review

Because it doesn’t have a cart and it is large, the Lincoln is not a great choice if you plan on transporting your popcorn machine around to a lot of events. However, if you have a home theater and/or large groups are going to come to you for parties, this popper has the looks, capacity, and speed to make fresh popcorn a delicious and fun experience.