6-12-Quart Popcorn Popper Northern Popcorn
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Vintage-looking, stainless steel stove top popper makes 5 quarts in under 5 minutes

For a durable, fast-heating stove top popper that has a beautifully-vintage, stainless-steel appearance, the Great Northern Popper Original is an excellent choice. It pops 5 quarts of fresh corn in oil in well under 5 minutes (usually 2-3 minutes) without burning or leaving any kernels unpopped.

Stainless steel stirring paddle prevents burning

The Great Northern won’t burn your popcorn because of its stirring paddle. It is designed as a handle with a wooden crank so you don’t have to touch hot metal, and you simply turn it to keep the kernels moving until they are fully popped. You will get almost all kernels popped like you would with an electrical popper, but you achieve a more homemade taste.

Vented lid lets out moisture

Part of good homemade popcorn is having the puffed corn be crispy and airy. The Great Northern’s vented lid allows moisture to escape so the popcorn doesn’t become soggy or chewy. This way you won’t have to lift the lid to release steam and risk having popcorn flying all over the place.


Strong, metal design

The Great Northern popper is extremely durable. It uses metal gears as opposed to plastic. A lot of comparable stove top poppers opt for plastic, which can melt and wear down over time. Its heavy bottom and stainless steel (as opposed to aluminum) all add to its durability and ability to handle frequent use and high heat without suffering. The Great Northern can get banged around like any of your other pots and pans and will be just fine.

Heats up fast and evenly

The key heating feature of the Great Northern is the duplex heat pad that ensures your kernels will be cooking evenly. With many stove top poppers, the hottest part of the pot is the middle so any kernels that aren’t lucky enough to sit just right will burn or not blossom as fully as you want them to. That isn’t a problem with the Great Northern’s heat pad.

Easy use and cleanup

The Great Northern couldn’t be easier. Simply heat oil, throw in kernels (you can even put the oil and corn in at the same time, it just takes closer to five minutes from start to finish), and stir until you stop hearing the kernels pop. The lid is an easy-pour, so one side stays latched shut while the other opens so you can pour out the popcorn. Cleaning up just requires a paper towel, though you can use a dishwasher if you want to. Other stove tops have multiple parts that you need to take apart to clean, but the Great Northern just has two: the lid and the pan.


Problems with the lid and stirrer

The lid can be an issue as the stirrer can break, pop off, or cause the screws to fall out. If the lid doesn’t fit exactly right, it can be dangerous when you’re working with hot oil. Without the stirrer, you’re forced to shake the pot, which you could do with any old steel pan. The lid is picky and needs to be assembled just right or it won’t work. The key is to remember to turn the stirrer in only one direction (check instructions) or else you are unscrewing it from the pot.

Overall Review

The Great Northern Popper is notable because of its durability when used properly. If the stirrer is not turned the right way, the lid can fall apart, but if you follow the directions and are careful, it isn’t a problem. It is also a very fast, evenly-heated stove top popper making it a good choice as opposed to just sticking with a regular pan. Features like the anti-burn stirrer and steam vents help ensure perfect, oil-cooked popcorn.