Northern Roosevelt Antique
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Heavy-duty popcorn machine that makes 3 gallons in 6-8 minutes

If you want your popcorn popper to bring back memories of movies theaters or fairs as well as make huge amounts of fresh popcorn in under ten minutes, Great Northern’s 6010 Roosevelt Top Antique-Style popper machine is for you. This machine stands on its own as both a great popcorn maker and conversation piece, and requires little to no babysitting while the popcorn cooks, unlike stove tops or air poppers.

3-position control switch that includes spotlight warmer, stirrer, and pot heater

Get more control over the quality of your popcorn with the 3-position control switch (as opposed to the older, 2-switch model) and keep your popcorn stirring as it cooks (so no burned bits), keep the pot hot, and activate the spotlight warmer to keep the finished popcorn hot while it sits in the machine. Your popcorn will never get stale or cold in this machine.

Drawers for unpopped kernels and machine supplies

The 6010 Roosevelt Top Antique is great when it comes to dealing with unpopped kernels and easy storage. The kernel drawer is designed so when you scoop the popped corn out, all those old maids fall away into a perforated stainless-steel tray so you aren’t picking them out of your bag later. There is also a great storage unit in the base of the popper machine where you can keep your scoop, popcorn bags, and other supplies.


More flexibility about popcorn amount

With traditional stove top poppers and air poppers, you are usually limited to between 1-6 quarts of popcorn per batch. This is usually okay for smaller groups, but with the Roosevelt, you can make up to 3 gallons in one batch, or a much smaller amount if you just have a craving for popcorn and you’re by yourself. The Roosevelt provides a lot more flexibility about popcorn amount than any stove top or air popper.

Great for big events like graduations, reunions, and so on

Most popcorn poppers are designed with home-use only in mind. The Great Northern Roosevelt is convenient for that function as well, but also can be used for big events like graduations, reunions, and weddings where dozens of people are filtering through, all hungry for popcorn. After you get the machine, the supplies are relatively cheap so you can save a lot of money on snack catering for events by just bringing along your own concession stand.

Vintage-design with professional-grade technology

The Great Northern Roosevelt is designed to stand out. Sleek stainless and coated steel, vintage construction, and retro charm all make it unique. Luckily, the popper machine does not sacrifice quality for looks, and along with that old style comes modern, professional-grade technology that makes popping corn convenient, efficient, and speedy.


Large with assembly-required

The Roosevelt popper machine is much bigger than stove tops or air poppers. It is meant to be as much of a decoration as a functional unit, so if you want to be able to stow your popper out of sight when you’re not using it, this would be very difficult with the Roosevelt. It also requires some assembly when it arrives – more than stove tops or air poppers would – and if you are not interested in that extra effort, you’d be frustrated with this machine.

Only worth it if you plan on needing lots of popcorn

Unless you plan on throwing lots of parties or taking the Roosevelt to events, you probably don’t need a popper that can make 3 gallons. If you only plan on making/eating enough popcorn for a smaller group, a large-capacity air popper or stove top would be sufficient.

Overall Review

The Great Northern 6010 Roosevelt popcorn machine employs vintage charm and looks more than any stove top or air popper as well as making huge amounts of popcorn very quickly. If you are a popcorn fanatic, have lots of movie nights, or want to start saving money on basic catering at events, this popper machine has the technological and functional strength to perform at a professional level.