Lindys Stainless Steel Stove
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Stainless-steel stove top popper makes 6 quarts of fresh popcorn in 3-4 minutes

Lindy’s stove top popper is an extremely durable, stainless-steel popper that makes 6 quarts (24 cups) of fresh popcorn in only 3-4 minutes. Unlike microwave popcorn, the popcorn from Lindy’s Stainless Steel Stove Top Popcorn Popper will have a homemade taste and every kernel will be popped (no more old maids). Even air poppers have a tendency to shoot out unpopped kernels when they’re starting up, but Lindy’s keeps all the kernels in the pot until you’re ready to pour out the finished corn.

Rotating paddle keeps popcorn from burning

Burned popcorn, like unpopped kernels, is another common problem, but Lindy’s rotating paddle ensures that all the kernels are moving so they don’t stick to the pan and burn in the oil. Operated by hand, you simply turn the wooden handle that’s attached to the lid and the paddle does the rest.

Vents in lid keep popcorn dry and crisp

When cooking with oil, popcorn can sometimes become too moist and end up chewy or soggy. Lindy’s has a vented lid so the steam escapes from the pot instead of creating moisture. The vents are large enough to get the job done, but not so big that you are at risk for getting burned by the escaping heat. Popcorn will stay dry and crisp.


Works on smooth top and induction ranges

One of the major strengths of Lindy’s Stove Top popper is that it works on every kind of stove, even smooth top and induction ranges. Many other comparable poppers are not suitable for anything other than gas or electric, but Lindy’s is versatile enough for any kitchen. This fact makes it ideal for traveling where you’re not necessarily sure what kind of stove you’ll have to use, because with Lindy’s, it doesn’t matter.

Extremely durable

Lindy’s is built to last. The pot is an Amish design made from heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel with thick layers of metal on the bottom so the exposure to high heat won’t wear through the steel. The lid is also extremely solid with the gears clamped firmly in place so it won’t fall apart when you’re assembling or disassembling the base from the lid.

Easy to clean

One of the benefits to stainless steel (as opposed to aluminum) is how easy it is to clean. Oils wipe right off the inside of the pot and all you have to do to clean the lid is rinse it with hot water and soap. There are not a lot of bits to take apart like there are with some air poppers, so you only have to worry about cleaning the two components of the popper.


Poorly-designed gears and crank

One of the downsides to the Lindy’s Stove Top popper design is its gears and crank. Because of how the popper is constructed, you can only move the crank in one direction. If you move it the wrong way, the gears will grind together and the paddle won’t work. The crank also catches after you’ve turned it a lot, which can create burned popcorn in the pot. When you get the popper, be sure you know which is the correct way to turn (it’s designed for people who are right-handed). If you are finding that the crank is catching a lot, try putting less corn in the pot as overfilling it makes it difficult for the paddle to rotate.

Overall Review

Lindy’s Stainless Steel Stove Top Popcorn Popper is one of the more durable stainless steel poppers out there. It is also versatile and works on any kind of stove, unlike many stove top poppers among the competition. It has all the necessary components (rotating paddle, vented lids) to make crisp, fresh popcorn without any burned or unpopped pieces. Besides some issues with the gears and crank that might require practice or adjustments, Lindy’s is a solid, easy-to-use popper choice.