Nostalgia Electrics Kettle Popcorn Popper
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Vintage-looking, fast popcorn machine pops 10 cups per batch and holds 30 cups

The Nostalgia Electrics Popcorn popper is a very fast, medium-sized machine that pops 10 cups of hot popcorn in minutes in a 2 1/2-ounce stainless steel kettle. Ideal for families who love theater-grade, fresh popcorn on a regular basis, the KPM200 is a beautifully-vintage popper that is more hands-off than a stove top with better-tasting results than any air popper.

Built-in stirring system

One of the features that air poppers do not have that the Nostalgia does is the built-in stirring system that keeps kernels moving in the hot oil so they don’t stick and burn. You get more fully-popped kernels this way without having to turn a paddle by hand or deal with flying corn (like with air poppers).

Tilt-out popcorn door for serving

When your popcorn has fully popped and is ready to enjoy, you just open the tilt-out popcorn door and scoop out generous servings into a bowl. The drawer with its gold handle adds to the uniquely-retro feel of the Nostalgia as well as adding to its overall convenience.


Ideal for a family who wants fast, easy, theater-quality

Though the Nostalgia doesn’t pop as much popcorn as some other machines, it can make the perfect amount for a family of 2-4 in just minutes as fast and easily as microwave popcorn, but with a way higher quality. The Nostalgia also requires less hands-on effort than stove top poppers that make the same amount, and the popcorn cooked in oil has a more theater-quality taste than air poppers.

More compact than many other popper machines

Because of its smaller size, the Nostalgia doesn’t take up nearly as much counter top space as other machines and you have a lot more options about where to store your popper. The Nostalgia doesn’t have to dominate the space it ends up in, but its attractive-design also adds a lot of charm to a home movie theater or kitchen.

Crank lets out caught popcorn

For the popcorn that gets caught in the kettle, there is a crank on the side that opens up the pot and lets the overflowing goodness escape. The crank is made of a sturdy stainless steel and has a red knob on it, so it matches the aesthetic of the whole unit.


Much less popcorn than other larger machines

The kettle of the Nostalgia is smaller than many other machines, which can be an issue if you are someone who likes making a lot of popcorn at once or has a lot of parties where popcorn is a snack. Though the machine holds 30 cups, that is still much less than higher-priced popper machines, and to get that amount, you’d have to pop three separate batches.

Trickier to clean

When it comes to cleaning, the Nostalgia’s size again proves to be a problem. With larger machines, it is easier to remove parts for cleaning and to reach in to wipe areas down a paper towel. The Nostalgia’s cramped inside can make getting the oil off everything difficult, and if you aren’t successful, build-up causes the machine’s gears to jam. To combat this, use extra caution when cleaning those hard-to-reach spots and follow all instructions about washing.

Overall Review

If you are looking for a popcorn popper machine that is not a stove top or an air popper, as well as a piece that is attractive and pops theater-grade popcorn, the Nostalgia Kettle Popcorn is definitely something to consider. It is more compact than other machines, which is a plus if you have limited storage options, and if you only plan on making popcorn for a few friends and family at a time, the smaller kettle size is not a problem.