Hot Air Popcorn Popper
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Pops 18 cups of popcorn with hot air, no oil, in 2 ½ minutes

The Presto PopLite is a hot air popper that can turn ½ cup of popcorn kernels into 18 cups (two large bowls) of fresh popcorn, without using any oils or fat, in only 2 ½ minutes. This is much faster than microwave popcorn or skillet popcorn, and also much healthier as it uses only hot air and no additives. To use, simply plug in the machine, pour in ½ cup of kernels, and watch as popcorn pops from the chute into a bowl ready to serve.

Handy measuring cup that doubles as a butter melter

It is important to pour in the recommended ½ cup of unpopped kernels, so the Presto PopLite provides a handy measuring cup right on the machine so you can get the perfect measurement every time. You can also use the cup for melting butter. Place a dab in the cup while the popcorn pops, and the heat from the Poplite will melt the butter.

Super easy to clean

When you’re finished with your Poplite, cleanup is super easy. The cover and measuring cup can be easily removed and cleaned by hand with just warm water and soap. That’s all that’s needed and you can put away your popper for the next time.


Healthy popping method

One of the biggest draws to the Presto Poplite is that it only needs hot air to make popcorn, making your popcorn a no-fat, and low calorie snack. While you can add salt and butter, you have control over how much to use, unlike microwave bags (which are often packed with sodium and even harmful additives), or even skillet cooking, which requires oil in order to work.

Pops virtually every kernel

One of the most annoying things about making homemade popcorn is that you can end up with a layer of unpopped kernels on the bottom. The Poplite shoots out a few unpopped kernels when it’s first starting up, but after that, it pops virtually every kernel into a fresh, fluffy treat. You won’t feel like you’re wasting kernels or not getting a true 18 cups.

Easy to store and move around

With dimensions of about 7x11x10 inches, the Poplite is a bit smaller than other hot air poppers, and because the cup and lid can be removed when not in use, it is easy to store in a kitchen cupboard and light enough to move around if you want to take it on vacation.


Durability problems

The Poplite is made of plastic and because it gets so hot in order to pop the corn kernels, it can start to wear down, smoke, or even melt after frequent use. One way to counter this is to not pop bowl after bowl of popcorn in one sitting, but let the machine cool down if you plan on popping a lot.

Overall Review

The Presto Poplite is a great popcorn maker if you want to snack healthy, don’t have a microwave, and/or like having snacks around for when friends and family come over. It has a simple, efficient design that makes cleanup and storage easy, and if you follow the directions for use and proper care, it should last you for years to come.