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Harness the power of the microwave without ever buying bagged popcorn

The Presto PowerPop moves away from traditional stovetop poppers and electrical poppers and instead uses a regular microwave to pop 3 quarts of fresh kernels in 2-2 ½ minutes. Unlike store-bought, bagged popcorn, all the kernels pop. Simply pour in your corn, add a little oil, cover with the lid, and stick in the microwave.

PowerBase and PowerCup focus microwave energy to pop every kernel

The secret to harnessing microwave energy lies in the PowerBase and PowerCup. The PowerCup is basically a disposable paper cup that sits under the corn kernels in the bowl. These can be purchased separately and still reduce the cost of buying regular bagged popcorn. The PowerBase is removable and locks on the bottom of the bowl. These two innovations focus the microwave’s heat so all corn kernels are popped.

Super compact and fits in almost every microwave

Unlike many other poppers (both air and stovetop), the PowerPop is very compact at about six inches tall and ten inches wide. It is designed to fit in almost every microwave and can be easily stored in pieces or as a whole unit. This makes it ideal if you have limited storage space, want to take it with you when you travel, or are a student in a dorm.


Can make popcorn with or without oil

The PowerPop is very versatile and can make popcorn with or without oil, giving you the choice between low calorie plain popcorn or popcorn cooked in oil. A stovetop or air popper do not have the option of omitting or including oil, so the PowerPop is unique in its ability to be both a unit for health nuts and oil-and-butter lovers.

Easiest popper out there

Because it uses a microwave, this might very well be the easiest popper you could buy. If you aren’t using oil, all you do is pour in ½ cup of corn kernels, cover, and stick in the microwave for 2 minutes. It takes the same amount of time as store-bought bagged popcorn without all the bad ingredients or poor flavor.

Completely dishwasher-safe

There’s no motor or electrical units that can’t be submerged in water, so the PowerPop is easy to clean. It comes apart in three large pieces, and all you have to wash are the bowl and cover, which are both dishwasher-safe. The base just wipes clean.


Burned-out microwaves and popcorn

Depending on the microwave, the popcorn in a PowerPop is known to burn. Sometimes it can get so hot that the PowerCup actually starts smoking, which can damage your microwave. The PowerPop is also made of plastic, which while its type is considered microwave-safe, is not guaranteed to react well to such high temperatures. Worst case scenario would be that it catches on fire and destroys your microwave, in addition to making charcoaled popcorn. To ensure this doesn’t happen, read the directions carefully to be sure that your microwave can handle the PowerPop and that you aren’t nuking the popcorn with a too-powerful microwave.

Having to buy PowerCups

Another downside to the PowerPop is that you have to keep buying PowerCups. They cost about 25 cents each and are not great for the environment, if that is a big concern for you. If your primary concern is about money, the cost of PowerCups is still less than what you would spend on bagged, store-bought popcorn, so keep those savings in mind.

Overall Review

For fresh popcorn that can be both health-friendly or seasoned to perfection without the hassle of stovetop cooking and messing with electrical cords, the PowerPop transforms microwave popcorn and is a great choice for people who want fast and easy. Its compact, dishwasher-safe parts make cleaning and storage simple. If you are concerned about your microwave overheating or your microwave being too strong for the popcorn, read the instructions carefully to stay safe and get the perfect popped corn every time.