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Make 6 quarts of popcorn combining the ease of air poppers with the taste of stovetop

In about 5 minutes, the Stir Crazy Electric Popper makes 6 quarts (27 cups) of popcorn. It uses electricity heat to pop the corn (like air poppers), but also uses oil to get that flavor of a homemade stovetop, making it a perfect marriage of ease and taste. With a heat-resistant base and handles, the popper is very safe for use on a kitchen countertop, and with its superior popping power, you won’t have to deal with unpopped kernels when it comes time to enjoy.

Motorized stirring rod makes all kernels pop

The key to popping all the corn kernels is found in the motorized stirring rod. This rod keeps stirring the kernels so all the heat is distributed evenly and every kernel plumps up. Stove-top poppers usually make you do the stirring, but the Stir Crazy Electric does all the work while you fill your time doing other things.

Built-in butter well melts butter over popcorn as it cooks

Another unique feature of the Stir Crazy Electric is the butter well. Spread butter on top of the small indentation beneath the removable cover (it has holes in it for the butter to drip through) and the steam from the cooking popcorn will melt the butter over the corn. The rod will help mix the butter.


Makes any brand of popcorn taste great

The quality of popcorn usually depends on the brand, but with the Stir Crazy, it can make just about any brand (even cheap ones) taste gourmet. A lot of this has to do with the fact that the popper pops all the kernels and distributes the cooking oil perfectly, so when seasoned with salt and other favorite spices, the homemade and well-mixed flavors make up for any brand weaknesses. This is good news for you if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive kernels.


The Stir Crazy Electric poppers are made to last for years and years. Assuming you take good care of it (like not dropping it), the popper is very durable and made from sturdy materials.

Little to no effort

For a popper that uses oil, the Stir Crazy Electric requires little to no effort. Simply plug it in, put in your oil and popcorn, and watch as the kernels leap and jump around beneath the lid. It is easy for kids to use and doesn’t require your constant attention like a stovetop popper or even some air poppers where kernels have the tendency to fly out of the machine.


Motorized rod scrapes the popping bowl

One big problem with the newest Stir Crazy Electric edition is that the motorized rod is less sturdy and often set at an improper angle. The rod scrapes the bottom of the popper bowl as it moves. This can actually cause the teflon material to scrape into the popcorn, which is not pleasant. Because of this angle problem, the rod will also jam or get kernels stuck beneath it.

Issues with the lid fitting

As with the stirring rod, the plastic lid to the Stir Crazy Electric sometimes does not fit properly. This can be a hazard as hot oil might leak out and burn you when you try to take the lid off or adjust it. The lid is also known to crack after only a few uses.

Overall Review

The Whirley-Pop has been around for years and while it is recognized for its ability to pop all the kernels, its ease of use, and making delicious popcorn, it has recently had problems with construction that could hold some health hazards. If you purchase it, watch it carefully to make sure the motorized rod isn’t jamming up or scraping, and make sure the lid fits correctly so no one gets burned by hot oil. If those two issues are not a problem, the Whirley-Pop is a consistent, very hands-off popper that makes delicious corn everyone can enjoy.