BTU Portable Air Conditioner
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Energy-efficient, portable air conditioner with a full-function remote control and clean air ionizer

The Frigidaire FRA053PU1 is an Energy-Star rated, portable air conditioner that can be controlled either from the remote or from the Ready-Select controls. Equipped with 5,000 BTUs, maintaining a cool indoor environment in a smaller room isn’t hard, and the unit also filters out allergens with a clean air ionizer and filter at the same time.

5,000 BTUs of cooling power

With 5,000 BTUs, the Frigidaire is perfect for small rooms up to 290 square feet. This can include offices, bedrooms, and apartments. You can choose from three speeds depending on how quickly you need to cool down the room, and the air conditioner works in any 115-volt outlet.

Ready-Select controls

The air conditioner’s Ready-Select controls make using the unit clear. The buttons allow you to choose between three cooling/fan speeds and set the unit to turn off or on whenever you want. There’s a timer where you can pick a specific time up to 24 hours in advance.

Remote control

With the full-function remote, you have the ability to adjust the air conditioner from a distance, just like you would if you were using the controls right on the unit. This includes operating the 24-hour on/off timer, temperature, fan speed, and sleep mode.



Since air conditioners can suck up a lot of energy, it’s important to consider how efficient the unit is. As an Energy-Star rated machine, this air conditioner conserves energy and saves you money in the long run. It has a low-power start up and a swing air system which targets the air in specific directions so the conditioner runs more effectively.


Everything about the Frigidaire FRA053PU1 portable air conditioner is convenient. The easy-to-use controls and remote make choosing your interior temperature a breeze, and with the timer setting, you can always have cool air when you want it. In terms of portability, the unit has side handles and caster wheels so you can move it wherever you want.

Filters out allergens

The Frigidaire does more than just cool down your room. The clean air ionizer is very effective at getting rid of allergens that lurk in particles like pollen and dust, while the antibacterial filter takes care of bacteria and odor,


Doesn’t get super cool

On a really hot day, the Frigidaire FRA053PU1 doesn’t cool the air enough for larger rooms. If the temperature is in the 80’s-90’s, you might still feel warm even with the air conditioner running. To make the most of the conditioner, make sure it’s in a small enough room as it doesn’t have the BTUs to cool down a room up to 290-square feet.

Overall Review

The Frigidaire FRA053PU1 5,000 BTU portable air conditioner is an energy-efficient, easy-to-use unit that not only cools down a hot room, but also cleans the air. If you live in an apartment or have small rooms that heat up quickly in the summer, this is a great portable air conditioner that you can control with the remote or from the electronic display.