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Powerful portable air conditioner with three cool settings, digital display and remote, and easy maintenance

The Haier HPN12XCM portable air conditioner cools the air in larger rooms thanks to its 12,000 BTUs and three fan settings. Controlling the unit is simple as it has a digital display and remote that are easy to understand and use. Even taking care of the air conditioner is easy; you don’t have to use a bucket or manually drain it.

12,000 BTUs

The Haier has 12,000 BTUs which makes it ideal for cooling large rooms that are about 350-450 ft. It plugs in into any standard 115 volt outlet, so you can use the air conditioner in living rooms, downstairs game rooms, or other larger areas of your house.

Three cool settings

You have three fan/cool settings with this unit: cool, fan, and dehumidify. The air conditioner also has a 4-Way Air Direction system so you can direct the airflow in the exact direction you want it in, whether it’s up in the air, or towards the side where it will cool down people sitting on a couch.

Digital display

Controlling every part of the air conditioner is done through the electronic panel with a digital display. Using the panel, you can use the 24-hour on/off timer and look at the exact temperature of the room on the digital thermostat. You also can control the unit with a remote control, so if you’re sitting down and want it a little colder, you don’t have to get up.


Easy maintenance

Taking care of the HPN12XCM is very simple. It uses a washable mesh filter that you just slide out, and Auto-Evaporation technology, which means any moisture collected by the unit just evaporates on its own. You don’t have to do any manually draining with a bucket.

Can put it in your window

Many portable conditioners are useful in windows. With the Quick-Install Window Kit that you get when you buy the Haier, you can mount it in any vertical or horizontal window.


The Haier portable air conditioner is not a big bulky unit that disrupts the flow of your home. It’s black and silver, so it adds a very modern, techy vibe to your decor. It’s also thinner than many air conditioners, so it’s easy to keep it more in a corner where it won’t stand out so starkly.


More expensive

The one drawback to the Haier HPN12XCM is that it’s on the upper end price-wise. There are lots of other air conditioner units that are much more affordable, and will probably cool down your home just as well. However, with that higher price tag comes more power, which makes the Haier more effective in large rooms.

Overall Review

The Haier HPN12XCM portable conditioner is a powerful, sleek portable air conditioner you can put in your window if you choose. It has three effective cool settings that you can control from a remote, and it requires very little maintenance because of the convenient Auto-Evaporation system. Whether you have a large bedroom that smaller air conditioners just aren’t effective in, or you want to cool down your whole living room, the Haier has the power to do it.