000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
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Easy-to-use portable air conditioner with 14,000 BTU’s, LED controls, and Auto-Evaporation system

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use portable air conditioner, the Honeywell MM14CCS portable air conditioner is both easy to control and easy to maintain. It has a powerful 14,000 BTU’s and an LED display with a remote so you are always in control of your indoor temperature. You also don’t have to do much maintenance because of the Auto-Evaporation system. If you need to cool down a larger area like a living room, the Honeywell MM14CCS is a good unit to look at.

14,000 BTU w/ three options

With 14,000 BTU, you have three options: cooling, fan, and dehumidification. You also have three speeds for each of these different modes. The dehumidification mode is especially effective; it can remove up to 80 pints of moisture per day.

LED controls

Choosing your mode and speed is simple using the LED controls. You also have access to a 24-hour timer so you can schedule exactly when you want the air conditioner to turn off and on. If you’re watching TV and don’t want to get up to adjust the conditioner, you can control everything with the included remote.

Auto-Evaporation system

Maintaining the MM14CCS is very easy. You don’t have to manually drain the unit or worry about leaks. The Auto-Evaporation system is designed so accumulated moisture just evaporates right out in the air conditioner so you don’t have to do anything with a bucket or hose.


Use in any room or window

Caster wheels make moving the portable air conditioner very easy. You can move it from an office to a bedroom to a living room and back without much trouble. You can even install it in a window if you want; the kit is included. The air conditioner is also sleek-looking, so it won’t look ugly.

Easy to use

There aren’t many buttons to figure out with the Honeywell air conditioner. There’s a basic on/off switch, a speed setting, the timer, the mode setting, and an up or down air option. The remote has the exact same controls, so once you know how to work one of them, you’ve got it all figured out.

Good for big rooms

More BTU’s means the air conditioner will cool a large room better than a unit with less BTU’s. With 14,000 BTU’s, the Honeywell is pretty powerful. It can effectively cool a room much faster than a smaller air conditioner.


Doesn’t get really cold

In really hot rooms during the peak of summer, cooling can take a long time, and you might find it doesn’t get cool enough. If you’re expecting really icy air from this machine, you’ll be disappointed. However, unless you live in an area that gets above 90-100 degrees, you’ll probably find that the Honeywell cools down the room sufficiently.

Overall Review

Overall, the Honeywell MM14CCS portable air conditioner is a powerful, easy-to-use unit with an especially effective dehumidifier. You can use it anywhere because of its portability and design, and you basically have no maintenance to deal with because of the Auto-Evaporation system.