000 BTU Conditioner
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3-in-1 portable air conditioner with 12,000 BTU, effective dehumidifier, and little maintenance

The Honeywell MN12CES works as an air conditioner, dehumidifier, and fan, so if your house gets hot, humid, and musty, this unit takes care of all three problems. Maintenance is limited; you don’t even need to manually drain a water bucket. The unit carries 12,000 BTU, so it’s best for rooms no larger than 450 square-feet. This includes bedrooms, thanks to the Honeywell’s quiet operation.

12,000 BTU cools 450 square feet

If you want to cool, dehumidify, or just use the fan-only option, the Honeywell MN12CES Portable Air Conditioner works best in rooms like offices, bedrooms, or even small apartments. Bear in mind the unit is kind of bulky, so that affects where you’ll place it. You can get the unit in either black, white, or silver.

Digital LED display w/ remote

You can operate the air conditioner right from the display panel or the handy full-function remote control. You can put the unit on your schedule using the 24 hour-automatic on/off timer, so the air conditioner is never in use unnecessarily and wasting energy.

No-bucket design

Many air conditioners/dehumidifiers require that you empty a bucket full of the water that the unit accumulated. The MN12CES has an auto-evaporation system that takes care of the water for you, so you never have to manually drain or empty out the water. You can run the Honeywell for hours on end without worrying about leaks.


Superior filter

The Honeywell has a very effective 3M electrostatic filter. This type of filter works by attracting particles with its electrostatically charged fibers so more allergens found in dust, pollen, and pet dander get caught in the filter. It’s a much better filter than other filters commonly found in air conditioners.


One of the more unique features of this air conditioner is how quiet it is, even when it’s on the fan mode. Honeywell is known for making quiet air conditioners, and the MN12CES doesn’t get above 55dbA. You can use it close to (or even in) bedrooms while you sleep and it won’t keep you awake.


Many air conditioners use ozone-depleting refrigerant to generate cold air. This unit uses RA10A, which is a more eco-friendly option. This refrigerant allows the air conditioner to work more efficiently and you can feel good about choosing an air conditioner from a company that cares about global warming.



At almost 70 pounds, this unit is heavy. It’s also wide, so if you’re really cramped for space, you might want to consider one of the slimmer models out there. In terms of the weight issue, it does come with wheels, so you don’t need to lift it.

Overall Review

The Honeywell MN12CES has three very useful functions (fan, air conditioner, and dehumidifier) and works especially well in smaller rooms. The 3M filter tackles airborne allergens, so you’re both comfortable and safe. Thanks to its quiet operation, you can even use it in bedrooms. An auto-evaporation system makes the Honeywell easy to maintain, so there’s very little work required on your part.