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Powerful, eco-friendly air conditioner with 14,000 BTU, two filters, dehumidifier-only mode

If humid heat is your primary concern during the summer, consider getting the Koldfront PAC1401W Ultracool portable air conditioner. Powered by 14,000 BTU, you can either use the Koldfront to cool your air, or as a dehumidifier-only for really muggy days. The two built-in filters will clean that air, too.

14,000 BTU cools 500 square feet

The Koldfront air conditioner has 14,000 BTUs, so it’s ideal for rooms up to 500-square feet. This includes living rooms, landings, or even basements. You can even mount it in a window if you want using the included kit. The unit has a fan and three speeds to choose from, so you can either quickly circulate cooler air, or keep the fan low for a quieter experience.

Digital controls

All the Koldfront’s functions can be adjusted using the digital controls. These include an adjustable digital thermostat between 62-88 degrees, a sleep timer, and the dehumidifier-only mode. If you’re across the room and don’t want to interrupt your reading or TV show, just make your adjustments with the included remote control.

Built-in moisture removal system

Because the Koldfront PAC1401W is so effective at removing moisture from the air, you might be concerned that you’ll have to empty a lot of buckets. Luckily, the unit has an internal condensate removal system so you don’t need to manually drain or empty any of the water. This saves you a lot of time and effort.


Dehumidifier-only mode

If the temperature is cool enough for you, but it’s the humidity that’s driving you crazy, you can use the Koldfront in a dehumidifier-only mode. The unit comes with an upper drain port that you can attach a permanent drain line to. This allows constant draining. In this mode, the Koldfront can collect up to 72 pints in 24 hours, drying out your air and making your life more comfortable.


The Koldfront PAC1401W is a green machine, so you don’t have to worry about contributing to global warming. Instead of using ozone-depleting refrigerants like R-22, this air conditioner has R410A and is made from RoHS-compliant parts free from dangerous chemicals like lead or mercury.

Two filters

The Koldfront can clean your air as well as cool or dehumidify it. It has not one, but two filters that help reduce odors and allergens found in pet dander or pollen. The first filter is a washable pre-filter, while the second one is made of carbon and can be replaced after a few months.


Bulky design

This is not the most attractive unit, it sticks out and doesn’t blend in with all living spaces. It’s also bulky at 86 pounds. However, it does come with wheels, so you don’t need to lug it around, and when it’s really hot and humid out, you probably don’t care about what the unit looks like as long as it does its job.

Overall Review

You get two units for the price of one with the Koldfront air conditioner. It functions as both an air conditioner/fan, or as a dehumidifier that pulls 72 pints of moisture from the air in only a day. This makes the Koldfront PAC1401W Ultracool perfect for humid climates. While the unit isn’t very pretty, it is effective, and has 14,000 BTU designed to cool up to 500-square feet.