Electronics 8000 BTU
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8,000-BTU portable air conditioner with a dehumidifier, LED controls, and a modern design

If you live in an apartment or have a room in your house that gets especially hot and muggy during the summer, you will benefit from having a portable air conditioner like the LG Electronics LP0814WNR. It has 8,000 BTUs, so is ideal for rooms around 300-square feet, and it’s also a strong dehumidifier. If you’re concerned about the air conditioner disrupting the flow of your decor, the LG has a very sleek design, so it fits well with most styles.

8,000 BTU best for 300-square feet

Offices, small bedrooms, and apartment living rooms are all examples of where the LP0814WNR would work very well. It uses standard outlets, so that is never an issue, and has both 2 fan speeds and 2 cooling speeds for creating a comfortable indoor environment. At 8,000 BTUs, the LG has a pretty standard power for an air conditioner of this type, and can be used in rooms larger than 300-square feet; it just won’t cool as well or as quickly.

Electronic controls

Any good modern product needs electronic controls. With this air conditioner, you get a LED display panel complete with a 24-hour timer, so you can schedule when you want the unit to turn off and on. You can set it to turn on right before you come home from work so you enter a comfortable, cool house, or you can leave it running continuously all evening if the weather in your area makes it hard to sleep.

Dehumidifier collects 2 pints per hour

As mentioned in the introduction, this LG Electronics also functions as a dehumidifier. It’s able to accumulate 2 pints per hour for a total daily amount of 48 pints. This is a great function if the heat in your house is a humid heat. In terms of maintenance, it has an auto-evaporation system so you don’t need to bother with manually drainage.


Sleek design

A lot of air conditioners are ugly and make nicely-decorated rooms like odd. The LG was designed to fit into everyone’s decor so it has very sleek good looks and doesn’t stand out as much.


If you’re worried about how much time and energy owning this appliance will take, it really isn’t much. You can easily schedule the air conditioner so you don’t have to think about it all the time, and because it has basically no maintenance required, you don’t have to be concerned about emptying out buckets.

More precise cooling

The LG LP0814WNR cools rooms a lot more evenly than some other air conditioners due to the 4-way Air Deflection. You can adjust where the air is directed and choose either up, down, or to either side to target especially hot areas of the room, whether that’s by a bunch of electronics that heat up, or directly towards the couch where the family sit and watches TV.


No sleep setting

The LG doesn’t have a sleep mode. This means it will be probably be louder than you’d like it to be at night. If you really need to have it on during the night, just keep it outside, but near your bedrooms so the noise isn’t as close.

Need to install it

Since this unit needs to be vented to the outside, you have to set up the window kit yourself. This can seem intimidating, but the silver lining is that it really isn’t very difficult, especially if you’ve had experience with these types of portable air conditioners before.

Overall Review

The LG Electronics LP0814WNR portable air conditioner is best used in apartments, living rooms, and offices. It can work in a bedroom, but it’s a little loud for nightly use. It has 8,000 BTUs and works as an air conditioner, fan, and dehumidifier. It also has 4-way Air Deflection so you can cool specific areas of room if you want. Other than setting it up to be vented outside, there’s basically no maintenance required, so you can start enjoying a cooler summer right away.