LS-YP06-10C Portable
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Compact portable air conditioner with 10,000 BTU, easy-touch digital controls, and eco-friendly refrigerant

Despite having an impressive 10,000 BTUs with three cooling modes, the Lifesmart LS-YP06-10C is very compact and ideal for offices, bedrooms, and apartments. The air conditioner cools very efficiently using eco-friendly refrigerant, so even rooms up to 400-square feet will get cooled down quickly. Everything is operated using digital controls and a remote, so this little air conditioner is convenient and simple.

10,000 BTU cools 400-square feet

The Lifesmart is best for rooms no bigger than 400-square feet, so you can set it up in a bedroom, office, apartment living room, or even your work office. It also comes in a 12,000-BTU model if you need more power. The LS-YP06-10C has three cooling modes: cool, dry, and fan. Cool is the quietest setting, while dry is used to pull moisture from the air on humid days. Use the fan for when the air is stagnant and musty.

Digital controls

All the modes and speeds are operated using the digital control panel. It comes with easy-touch buttons, so selecting the cooling experience you want isn’t complicated. You can also choose to control the air conditioner with the remote control, which has all the same functions as the panel.

Window kit included

In order to work, the Lifesmart LS-YP06-10C needs to be vented outside. The window kit for this process is included, so it doesn’t take long to install everything. The window requirement has its downsides however, which will be discussed later in the “Weaknesses” section.



Many air conditioners generate their cooling power using ozone-depleting refrigerant, which contributes to global warming and negative climate changes. However, the Lifesmart uses R410A refrigerant, which has been shown to not have as many bad effects. The refrigerant also makes the unit more energy-efficient.


At only 21.26″H X 15″W X 25″D, the Lifesmart is very compact. Sitting down, it only takes up about a square foot and a half of floor space, so you can keep it in very cozy rooms. The unit won’t stand out or get in the way of your activities.


Despite its very compact size, the Lifesmart is pretty powerful. With 10,000 BTUs and the ability to fit in tight spaces, you can feel hot air cool down very quickly. With a lot of portable air conditioners, it can take a long time for a room to get cool, but when you’re using the Lifesmart in a smaller office or bedroom, it’s very fast.


Limited placement options

Because you need to vent the unit to the outside, you’re limited in terms of where you can set it up. Rooms without windows aren’t options. On the bright side, it does have a long power cord, so you don’t have to find areas that have both a window and a power outlet very close together. You get some flexibility there.

Overall Review

The Lifesmart LS-YP06-10C Home & Office portable air conditioner is a powerful, basic little air conditioner that is very efficient at cooling down small rooms. It doesn’t have a lot of frills, but with 10,000 BTUs, it does offer superior cooling. Its compact size also makes it great for apartments and work offices. You do need to vent the unit to the outdoors, so keep that in mind when you’re thinking about where you want the air conditioner if you get it.