New Lifesmart LS-YP06-08C Review
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Affordable portable air conditioner great for apartments comes with 8,000 BTU, an extra-long power cord, and digital controls

As a small portable air conditioner, the New Lifesmart LS-YP06-08C is effective in apartments or any room around 300-square feet. It’s very similar to the other Lifesmart LS, but comes with 8,000 BTU and is more affordable. You get the same ease-of-use with the digital controls and remote, and relatively easy window setup, so a comfortable summer free from suffocating heat is within reach.

8,000 BTU cools 300-square feet

The New Lifesmart has 8,000 BTUs, which make it great for rooms like offices, small apartment living rooms, small bedrooms, and so on. It has three modes: cool, fan, and dry. The “Dry” function helps with humidity, which can make even a reasonably-warm day feel really awful. The fan also helps with muggy days and circulates cooler air around musty rooms.

Digital control panel

Like with most air conditioners, you can control all the modes and speeds from a digital control panel. This unit isn’t very complicated, so there are only a free, easy-touch buttons to work with. You also get a remote that serves the exact same function, so you have total say over the unit even on the other side of the room.

Extra long power cord

It’s very common that old apartments lack regular air conditioning. At the same time, old apartments and houses tend to not have a lot of outlets. Thanks to the New Lifesmart’s extra-long power cord, you have more flexibility about where you want the unit. You don’t have to limit yourself to the exact same area as an outlet; you can move it a little ways away to a more ideal spot.


More affordable

One of the best qualities of the LS-YP06-08C is that you’re basically getting all the same great features as the other Lifesmart, but at a lower price. This is very convenient if you’re on a tight budget and every hundred dollars or so makes a big difference.

Great for apartments

Because the New Lifesmart is best for small spaces, it works really well in apartments. Most small apartments don’t require an air conditioner with a ton of power, so the 8,000 BTUs is definitely sufficient. As a compact unit, it’s also well-suited to apartments with limited floor space, so you don’t have to worry about crowding furniture together or reorganizing your whole life.


The New Lifesmart Portable Air Conditioner is very lightweight at only 55 pounds. A lot of air conditioners (even portable ones) can weigh upwards of 80 pounds, making them hard to move around. The New Lifesmart also has wheels, so if 55 pounds is still too much for you, you can use the wheels to move it around your place.


Have to mess with window pieces

This air conditioner needs to be vented outside in order to work. This means messing with window pieces and trying to fit exhaust hoses in windows, and it can get annoying. It also limits where you can have the air conditioner; it needs to be in the same room as a window. In terms of assembly, the Lifesmart does come with instructions, so it you read them carefully, it should only take a few minutes to get everything set up.

Overall Review

The New Lifesmart LS-YP06-08C Home/Office portable air conditioner is a small, affordable air conditioner that does what it was designed to do. It doesn’t have a lot of frills, so setting up the venting system and operating the unit is relatively painless. You get three cooling modes, with the “Dry” function being particularly useful for humid days, so your apartment, office, or bedroom will feel cool and dry all summer long.