Portable Air Conditioner Conditioner B008RLA15S
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Very small, effective air conditioner with Auto-Evaporative technology, air purification system, and no assembly required

The NewAir AC-10100E Ultra Compact portable air conditioner is perfect for apartments and smaller rooms. It’s very small and also energy-efficient thanks to an Auto-Evaporative technology. It also cleans the air and is super easy to set up since it comes already assembled. If you have a small apartment and wonder if there are any very compact air conditioners out there, wonder no more.

10,000 BTUs cools 325 square feet

The 10,000 BTU NewAir serves three functions: it cools, filters, and dehumidifies the air. It performs best in smaller rooms like apartments, offices, and bedrooms. The most it can probably handle is 325 square feet.

Auto-Evaporative technology

The Auto-Evaporative technology of the NewAir makes the unit very efficient. It pulls water from the air and uses it to cool the coils, which conserves energy. Because this water is being used for an efficient purpose, there’s less water in the tank so the air conditioner will work longer before you have to empty it.

Air purification system

In the summer, the air is not only hot, it’s full of allergens like dust and pollen. The NewAir AC-10100E has an advanced air purification system that includes an activated carbon filter. This filter is washable, so every month, rinse it out and the filter will go right back to reducing air odors and allergens.


Easy to use

Using the NewAir is very simple. It has an electronic control panel and LCD display so you can easily make adjustments and control the temperature in your house or apartment. Programmable features include an auto-fan, a sleep mode, and 12-hour timer.

Very compact

As its name suggests, the New Air Ultra Compact is very small. This makes it ideal for apartments where you don’t have a lot of extra space for anything bulky. The conditioner is only 48 pounds, and has rolling casters and a handle, so moving the unit around is easy.

No assembly required

The NewAir AC-10100E comes completely assembled, so you can just pull it out of the box and plug it in. It also comes with a window installation kit that’s very easy to follow, so you can mount the air conditioner in a window if you want.


A bit loud

Considering its small size, it’s kind of loud. In a small room, the air conditioner can be bothersome especially on its more powerful settings, so consider keeping it low if you can while you’re watching TV or doing something that requires silence. However, if you’re used to having a fan on constantly, the NewAir makes a similar noise, so it may not even be a problem.

Overall Review

The NewAir AC-10100E is a very compact air conditioner that’s energy-efficient and easy to use. It’s great for smaller living spaces like apartments and bedrooms, and though it does make some noise, it isn’t any more disturbing than a fan would be. Your air gets cleaned, dehumidified, and cooled all with this little unit.