Shinco YPL310CB Reviews
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Low-maintenance portable air conditioner with 10,000 BTU, two optional filters, and even, thorough cooling

For a high-power, low-maintenance portable air conditioner, the Shinco YPL310CB is a strong choice. It has 10,000 BTU perfect for even, thorough cooling, and it’s able to get a room really cold, unlike many portable air conditioners. You also have the option to add two filters to help keep your air clean and fresh.

10,000 BTU for 300-square feet

The Shinco’s 10,000 BTU’s are most effective in a room around 300-square feet. This includes master bedrooms, living rooms, basements, and larger home offices. You have two speeds for cooling as well as a fan for circulating the cool air. To help keep a room evenly cooled, the Shinco portable air conditioner uses 4-way air direction, so the cooled air is sent out up, down, and two both sides to more effectively get rid of heat.

Digital controls

Operating the Shinco 10K is easier than using a smartphone. You can make temperature adjustments and choose the cooling speed either from the display panel, or with the included remote control. The remote control is especially handy for when you’re watching TV or reading a book and don’t want to get up from your comfortable spot.

No-bucket design

All air conditioners generate moisture, and with many of them, you have to manually drain the unit. The Shinco comes with a self-evaporative system and no water tank, so the water it accumulates is actually used in the cooling process, making the air conditioner essentially maintenance-free.


Two filters

The two filters to the Shinco YPL310CB are optional, but definitely recommended. Active carbon filters in particular are good because they are able to reduce nasty smells as well as capture dangerous allergens found in pollen, pet dander, and dust. Two-filter designs usually consist of a pre-filter which is washable, and a carbon filter.

Modern-looking design

A lot of air conditioners are very bulky and don’t look very nice in a living room. This unit comes in either white or matte black, which helps add a more stylish look to the air conditioner as a whole. The neutral colors also blend in well to virtually any style of decor, so you don’t have to feel like your air conditioner is taking over your space.

Gets very cold

Many portable air conditioners don’t get the air very cold, which is a big problem if you live in a very hot climate. The Shinco is able to get so cold that it even comes with an anti-frozen function and over-cold protection. The unit will get your air nice and frosty, so you can feel more comfortable even on the hottest summer day.



The Shinco can get kind of loud. After its finished it’s cooling mode, it automatically switches to a loud fan instead of turning off. This is a real problem if you like to run the air conditioner during the night, since the fan can wake you up. If you really want to use the unit during sleeping hours, keep it a away from the bedrooms so the fan isn’t disruptive.

Overall Review

The Shinco YPL310CB 10K portable air conditioner is a great unit for larger rooms like living rooms, and even apartments. It’s able to get the temperature down to a very cool, comfortable level, so even if you live in a really hot climate, this air conditioner will provide much-needed relief. Maintenance is practically non-existent except for some filter replacements every now and then (if you take Shinco up on the option), and the black matte design works well in most rooms.