No 75531i Generator
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8-hour inverter generator with four outlets, quiet operation, and CARB-compliancy

Using clean, refined inverter energy, the Champion Power Equipment No.75531i is able to supply power for up to 8 hours on very little gas. You get four outlets (including a DC outlet for charging batteries), and a convenient, quiet operation that won’t disturb anyone whether you’re using the generator for your RV or out camping. The generator is also CARB-compliant, so it’s more fuel-efficient and has reduced emissions.

Inverter technology

This generator is designed with inverter technology, which uses special, stable wave forms that’s ideal for electronics like computers and TVs. The energy produced by inverter generators is also cleaner and generally more reliable. This generator gives out 3100 surge-watts and 2800 continuous watts.

8 hours w/ 1.6 gallons

Using these clean waves, the generator provides up to 8 hours on a full tank when you’re using 25% of the generator’s max load capacity. This is a lower load than other generators; this fact will be discussed in the “Weaknesses” section. 8 hours is a very good runtime especially when you consider that the fuel tank only holds 1.6 gallons. You save a lot of money on gas this way.

Control panel w/ four outlets

The control panel includes outlets, a push-button circuit breaker, an overload indicator light, and a low-oil alert light. Your outlets include two 120V AC, 20-amp duplexes, one 120V, 30 amp, and one 12V DC outlet for charging batteries.


Quiet operation

The quiet 58 dBA on the Champion is ideal for camping, cabins out in the wilderness, and for use in the evening when your neighbors value peace-and-quiet. You can use the generator at any time without having to worry about bothering people.

Ideal for RVS and camping

The Champion weighs 80 pounds and has wheels and a foldaway handle, which make it convenient for RV and camping use. Many portable generators can weigh 100-200 pounds or more, and really stretch the definition of “portable,” but at 100 pounds, the Champion is actually mobile and easier to use at multiple locations.

Environmentally-friendly and fuel-efficient

Generators can drink up a lot of fuel. The Champion is CARB-compliant, which means it has both reduced emissions and better fuel economy. There’s even an Economy mode where the engine automatically idles when the generator isn’t working especially hard, so there’s less wear-and-tear on the engine.


Can’t handle a high load capacity with 8-hour runtime

The way the Champion measures its load is different than other generators. Most measure the runtime hours when you’re using 50% of a generator’s capacity. With 8 hours at 25% capacity, you’re getting significantly less hours on a higher load compared to other generator options out there. If you plan on using more than a quarter of the generator’s power and want the full 8 hours, you’ll need another generator. However, if you only plan on using a bit of the generator’s power all at one time, the benefits of inverter and fuel economy outweigh a shorter runtime.

Overall Review

As an inverter generator, the Champion Power Equipment No.75531i 3100-watt Inverter Generator runs cleaner and is more reliable than generators with unrefined energy. Add in CARB-compliancy and other fuel-saving features like an Economy mode, and you have a generator that requires very little gas for a decent amount of power. The Champion is great for camping and RVs because of its quiet operation, and you’ll save money on gas.