10000-watt Portable Generator
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18HP-generator uses both propane and gas and offers efficient, quiet operation for 10+ hours

With a powerful 18HP and 10,000 watts, the DuroMax is very impressive and equipped to handle longer-term emergencies and big electrical needs. It uses a unique dual fuel system of gas or cleaner-burning propane, and is able to offer you relatively quiet operation for more than 10 hours when running on 50% capacity. This is a heavier-duty generator, so it’s great for consistently supplying electricity to a cabin or to have around when the power goes out and isn’t up for a while.

18HP, 10,000-watts

The DuroMax engine uses 18HP to generate up to 10,000 watts, with 8,000 being more consistent. The engine is built to last a long time, and has cast-iron sleeves and steel bearings. 18HP is really high number, so you’ll be able to get more out of this generator than ones with smaller horsepower.

Dual fuel system

With the dual fuel system, you can choose to run the generator on either gasoline or propane, which burns cleaner and can actually double the generator’s run time. Another advantage to propane is that it doesn’t dirty up the carburetor. To switch over from gas, you can use the line to hook up the generator to a propane tank, like one from your propane grill.

Full power panel

The full power panel on the generator is easy to understand and has lots of features, like an low-oil warning light, key start switch, circuit breaker, and power outlets, which include two 120v, 20 amp, 3-prong outlets, one 120v, 30 amp twist lock, and one 120v/240v 30 amp twist lock.



One of this generator’s strengths is how quiet it is, which is especially good since bigger generators are generally pretty loud. It gives out about 70dba and has a built-in spark arrestor and quiet exhaust, so you can use it in any National Park in the US.

Very efficient

The tank holds up to 8.3 gallons of propane or gas, which can give you more than 10 hour of power when you’re running the generator at half-load. As stated before, using propane will give you more runtime and is more efficient.

Auto Throttle control

The Auto Throttle control is essentially an Idle Control, which helps the motor stay more fuel efficient and quieter no matter how much output the generator gives out.


Propane contracts under 40-degrees

The one thing to be aware of about using propane is that propane contracts under 40-degrees. The cylinder on the XP10000EH isn’t powerful enough to push the gas through to start the engine, so you need to start the generator using gasoline for a few minutes, and then make the switch. Once you’ve done this, it shouldn’t be an issue.


This DuroMax is very heavy. It weighs over 250 pounds, so it isn’t really practical to plan on carrying this around anywhere. It does have wheels though, so moving it around one location is relatively easy.

Overall Review

The DuroMax XP10000EH Dual Fuel Propane/Gas Powered Portable Generator is a very powerful generator that gives you the option between standard gasoline or propane, which burns cleaner and can give you a longer runtime. The 18-horsepower engine gives out 10+ hours of 8,000-10,000 watts, so the generator is able to handle larger electrical jobs like long-term emergencies or supplying energy to a house or cabin. Features like quiet operation and a wide range of outlets add to this generator’s appeal, so if you’re in the market for a more heavy-duty generator, this would be a good choice.