400 Watt Generator
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Durable portable generator with 7HP, 8-hour run time, and quiet operation

Whether your power goes out or you need a generator on a camping trip, the DuroMax can help you out. It has 7HP and is able to generate power for up to 8 hours with 4 gallons of gas. Since you don’t want a loud generator keeping you or your neighbors up at all hours, the DuroMax has a very effective muffler to block out loud noises.

4400 watts and 7 HP

The XP4400E uses 7HP to generate up to 4400 watts of energy, with 3500 watts continuously. You can start the generator two ways: either using the electrical start when the battery is charged enough, or using the standard recoil. The generator gives you two 120-volt standard outlets and a 120/240-volt, 30-amp twist lock outlet for tools that need more power.

8 hours with 4-gallons

In term of how long you can use the generator, four gallons of gas gives you about 8 hours when you’re running the generator at 50%. If you’re using it a full power, it will drain much faster. 8 hours is a good amount of time for using the generator while camping or in short-term emergencies like power outages.

DuroMax RV switch

The XP4400E has a voltage selector (called the DuroMax RV switch) that lets you use full power from both 120-volt outlets, one of the 120-volts, or from a combination of the 120 and 240-volts. This just gives you more flexibility and control over how you use your generator and what you’re powering with it.


Durable construction

This generator is rugged and able to withstand frequent use and harsh environments. It has a heavy-duty steel frame and a big, all-terrain tires for superior balance and portability.

Runs quietly and safely

A lot of generator are really loud and can bother you especially at night. The DuroMax has a muffler that mutes most of the noise. It also has a spark arrestor with quiet exhaust for use in all U.S. National Parks, which have regulations about generators.

Low oil protection

The generator uses both gas and oil. When the oil level is low, the generator will automatically shut off to protect the engine, so it lasts longer.


No instruction manual

Figuring out how it works is tricky, especially the 120/220 volt switch. If you’ve never used a generator before, you might get really frustrated with this machine. When you get it, don’t wait to use it for the first time in an emergency; familiarize yourself with it when you have access to the Internet and customer service so you can figure everything out before you really need it.

Overall Review

The DuroMax XP4400E 4,400 Watt OHV gas-powered portable generator is a sturdy generator with a good amount of HP, an 8-hour runtime at 50% power, and durable construction that’s safe for use in national parks. It’s also quiet, so it’s convenient to use close to other people. This isn’t the ideal generator if you’ve never used one before because it doesn’t really have any instructions, but if you’re familiar with how generators operate, you’ll get a lot of use out of the 120 and 240-volts that provide 3500 watts (4400 watts in a surge) of continuous power.