XP4850EH Dual Fuel
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CARB-compliant portable generator uses both propane or gas, has 7HP, and is affordable

The Duromax XP4850EH is a unique generator in that you have the option to use gas or cleaner-burning propane. Regardless of the fuel type, the OHV engine has 7HP for a powerful electrical output that’s great for emergencies or recreational purposes like powering up a campsite. For its high power and fuel options, the DuroMax is relatively affordable, so you can have a reliable backup power source without emptying your wallet.

7HP, 3850 continuous watts

The DuroMax’s engine is an air-cooled OHV engine with 7HP. The overhead valve design and 4-strokes keeps the engine more durable and fuel-efficient. In terms of the power it can give, the generator gives a surge of 4850 watts and a continuous 3850 watts, which is around the middle in terms of wattage amount for this type of generator.

Dual fuel

The tank, which holds 4 gallons, can use both standard gasoline or propane. If you want to go cheap, the gasoline is a great option, but for a cleaner option, you can hook up any propane tank to the generator for more efficient results. If you use propane, you can get up to 20 hours of power when you use the generator at 50%.

Control panel with outlets

The control panel has all of the features you could want. It includes an oil warning light, volt meter, circuit breakers, and an easy key-start switch.


EPA and CARB-compliant

For use in all of the National Parks, the DuroMax is EPA approved. This allows you to use the generator while camping. For more fuel-efficiency and less emissions, the generator is also CARB-compliant.

Rugged construction

Generators need to be strong to withstand harsh weather conditions and just the wear-and-tear from use. The DuroMax is made with a steel frame and all-terrain wheels so it’s both durable and mobile.


Considering how expensive dual-fuel generators generally are, and how many hours of power you get, the XP4850EH comes at a great price. You could spend this amount on a much less impressive generator.


Propane issues in cooler weather

Propane contracts at 40-degrees and lower, making it hard or even impossible to run the generator. The way to avoid this is to start the generator with gasoline first, and then switch over to propane. It might take a while to get it just right, but you’ll be better off with propane most of the time.

Overall Review

When you run the Duromax XP4850EH Dual Fuel Propane/Gas Powered Portable Generator at 50%, you can expect around 20 hours of use. This is great for longer emergencies and weekends away at the cabin. This great fuel economy is largely due to the generator’s CARB-compliancy and ability to use propane (this gives you the 20 hours) instead of gas if you choose. This type of generator is usually pretty expensive, but this model is very reasonably-priced.