DS4000S 4 Gas
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7-HP portable generator with three fully-protected outlets, spark arrestor, and quiet operation

The DuroStar DS4000S is equipped with 7HP and three outlets that are perfect for short-term emergencies or powering devices like fridges, microwaves, and TVs when you’re camping off-the-grid. It also includes a spark arrestor, so you can use it in any of the US’s national parks. Adding to its appeal as a generator, it has a very quiet operation, so you can run it for its full 8 hours without disturbing your neighbors or bothering you while you sleep.

7HP, 4000 watts

The engine on the DuroStar is an air-cooled OHV engine, which means it’s more fuel-efficient and durable. The 7HP and 4 gallons of gas is more than enough to power up a 4000-watt surge and 3300-watt continuous stream of energy for 8 hours. Starting everything up is simple with the EZ-Pull recoil start, so you can quickly get your fridge, furnace, and anything else you might need up and running when the regular power goes out.

Full power panel

The power panel on this generator has all the necessities, including 2 120V outlets and 1 120V twist-lock outlet. These are fully-protected for a longer lifespan when faced with harsh environments. The panel also has a volt meter and circuit breaker. The 120V, 20-amp, 3-prong outlet is ideal for home appliances, while the twist-lock is meant for high-powered tools like saws and so on.

Built-in spark arrestor

The spark arrestor is meant to prevent dangerous sparks from popping out and causing fires. Having this feature means you can use the generator in any of the National Parks in the United States, so it’s great for camping and use in a cabin.


Runs quietly

Generators can be really loud, especially when they’re dealing with heavier loads. To help with the noise, the DuroStar has a muffler that lessens the engine noise to 69 dBa, making it more convenient to use next to other campers or houses.

Sturdy build

The frame on the generator is heavy-duty steel, so it’s able to resist stress from harsh environments and bad weather. It also has four-point, fully-isolated motor mounts that help the generator operate better, so it lasts a long time.

Low-oil shut off protects engine

To boost the generator’s durability, it has an auto low-oil shut off. When the unit is running low on oil, the whole thing will shut off to protect the engine. This prevents damage and keeps the generator in the best shape possible.


Not great for more demanding devices

4,000 watts is a good amount of power, but this generator in particular has some trouble with really demanding electrical needs at once, like power tools or two large appliances at once. This generator isn’t really meant for powering a whole house; it’s better for short-term emergencies where you need to keep your fridge running or have some light.

Overall Review

The DuroStar DS4000S 4,000 Watt OHV Gas Powered portable generator is the sort of generator best for powering up part of your house or a cabin. It’s quiet and provides 3300 continuous watts for about 8 hours. It has three outlets and a built-in spark arrestor, which is necessary for camping in any of the national parks and forests. There isn’t anything particularly special or unique about this generator; it’s a solid, reasonably-priced generator that should do its job in the coming years.