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Durable portable generator with a massive amount of power, Idle Control, and convenient features

If you need to power your entire, large house, this is the portable generator to do it. The Generac has a massive 17,500 watt-output and a rugged construction perfect for harsh weather environments. All the outlets are circuit-protected as well for a safer, longer generator life. Features like the Idle Control help with energy-efficiency, and the generator’s design includes never-flat wheels and a lockdown handle for your convenience.

Generac OHVI engine w/ 17,500 watts

The secret behind the Generac’s incredible power is its engine. The OHVI engine uses full-pressure lubrication with a spin-on oil filter that keeps the engine lasting a long time. This engine equips the generator to provide up to 17,500 watts of continuous power, with a surge wattage of 26, 250. This level of watts lets you power up just about anything. The gas tank is very large and holds up to 16 gallons, which provides 10 hours of power when the generator is run at 50% load capacity.

Circuit-breaker protected

All the outlets are protected against power overloads, which ensures reliable electricity to all your appliances and devices. The outlets on the generator include 30-amp receptacles, 20-amp, 120-volt, 20-amp duplex, and 120/240-volt, 50-amp, single phase receptacle. Always read the details on your devices to see what type of volt and outlet they require.

Lockdown handles and never-flat wheels

To make the Generac 5735 more portable, it includes lockdown folding handles and never-flat wheels. This features are especially important since the generator is so heavy. This will be discussed in more detail in the “Weaknesses” section.



A powerful generator needs to be built to last. The generator’s frame is made of thick, hardened steel and has impact-resistant corners, both of which are perfect for using a generator at a construction site or other area where the generator might be accidentally knocked around. It’s also good for rough weather.

Ideal for biggest power jobs

This generator has one of the largest power outputs you could want. It’s ideal for long-term emergencies when you end up totally off-the-grid and need power for your fridge, batteries, phones, and lights. You could have a large house and power it pretty much completely with a generator like this.


It’s important that a generator with this much power running through it also be efficient. 16 gallons is a lot of gas, and you don’t want any of that to go to waste. The generator is designed with Idle Control, which helps keep fuel consumption at its lowest possible level when you’re running the generator for many hours at a time.


Really heavy

The 5735 is extremely heavy, as in 390 pounds. Once you have this set up, you really won’t want to move at all. It does have wheels and a handle, so if you have to move it, you can, but you’d probably be better off deciding where you want to use this generator and then keeping it there.


Another downside is the price. It’s significantly more expensive than other portable generators, but it’s also way more powerful. That alone makes it worth the price and when you think about the fact that this can be a backup power source for your whole house, even a large house, it doesn’t even seem that expensive.

Overall Review

The Generac 5735 GP17500E 17,500 Watt 992cc OHVI gas portable generator is the generator for you if you want a reliable and complete backup power source for your whole house. It has a huge 17,500 continuous wattage and can provide up to 10 hours of energy on a 50% load capacity. It costs a lot more than other less powerful generators, but the generator is extremely durable and ideal for harsh environments like construction sites and areas with rough weather. It’s also really the only generator that could power all your devices, appliances, and provide electricity for your whole home, making it the best choice for preparing for longer-term emergencies.