WEN 56180 1800-watt Portable Generator
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CARB-compliant, lightweight generator with a 4-stroke OHV engine and 7.5-hour runtime

The WEN 56180 is a smaller generator and is very lightweight at about 5 pounds, but it still provides a good amount of electricity with its overhead-valve engine. It’s best for emergencies (not powering a whole house) and can give out 7.5 hours. The WEN is also CARB-compliant, so you can rest assured that it’s very fuel-efficient.

OHV engine and 1800 surge watts

The WEN uses a 4-stroke OHV engine, which are known for their reliability and fuel-efficiency. OHV (overhead valve) engines are also quieter and more durable than non-OHV engines. The 4-stroke design adds to these positive features. This engine is able to deliver 1800 surge watts and 1500 continuous watts, which is ideal for both emergencies and powering up devices off-the-grid, like at a cabin. This particular WEN comes in six other wattages: 3500, 4050, 4750, 5500, 7000, and 9000 watts.

7.5 hours on 1.45 gallons

The WEN uses standard gasoline and is able to provide up to 7.5 hours of power on 1.45 gallons, when the generator is running at half-load. You can use any device that requires the following outlets: AC 120V, 12.5A three-prong outlets (of which there are two), and a cigarette-lighter-style 12V DC outlet.


Proving its superior efficiency, the WEN is CARB-compliant and approved by the EPA III. This is not only beneficial to the environment (especially if you use the generator for a cabin out in the wilderness), but it saves you money in the long-run on gas and oil.


Ideal for camping

The WEN 56180 is perfect for camping and comes equipped with a spark arrestor, which is necessary in order to use the generator in US national parks and forests. Other features that make it great for use in a camping environment include the generator’s lower emissions and quieter operation, thanks to the OHV engine.

Has low-oil shutdown

To keep your engine at its best, the generator has a low-oil shutdown. This will force the generator to shut down whenever the oil level is low, protecting the engine from damage and extending its lifespan.

Very lightweight

The WEN only weighs about 50 pounds, which makes it several hundred pounds lighter than larger, heavier-duty generators. This gives you more flexibility about where you use the generator; you aren’t locked to one location because of how heavy the generator is, and you can use it at multiple locations if you want.


Not great for long-term emergencies

The 56180 was probably meant for smaller power needs. Powering a fridge is about the biggest job it can handle. 1800 watts is relatively low compared to other larger generators, but the WEN is perfect if you just want to charge phones and power up smaller appliances like blenders and microwaves. It’s also very affordable, so it makes sense that it isn’t meant for really big electrical jobs.

Overall Review

The WEN 56180 1800-watt Portable Generator is a small, environmentally-friendly and efficient generator that’s ideal for camping and powering smaller appliances and devices like phones, blenders, refrigerators, and so on. It can provide energy for 7.5 hours on about 1.5 gallons of of gas, and meets the requirements necessary for use in national parks and forests. If you want a generator that isn’t meant to power up a house and that’s very portable and lightweight, this is a great and affordable choice.