765053812443 Portable Inverter Generator
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Quiet portable generator with inverter system, spark arrestor, and up to 15 hours of runtime at 25%

The Yamaha EF2800i offers convenient, quiet operation for use in cabins, houses, and even RVs. Its inverter system adds to its appeal with its clean, more reliable energy and Pulse Width Modulation control. For use in national parks, a spark arrester is required, and the Yamaha has one. When you use the generator at 25%, you can get as many as 15 hours of runtime, which is perfect for emergencies and weekend getaways.

Inverter system with 2500 continuous watts

An inverter system uses refined energy waves to generate electricity, which make it ideal for more sensitive electronics like computers and Smartphones. The Pulse width Modulation control (PW) helps ensure that no energy is lost during the connection, so the generator is more efficient. At its max, the generator is capable of a 2800-watt output, with a continuous 2500 watts.

2.9 gallons of gas and 15 hours

On 2.9 gallons of gas, the OHV engine can offer as many as 15 hours of runtime when you’re using the generator at 25%. When you’re using 100%, you get 7 hours, which is what many generators offer with a half-load. The overhead valve design adds to the generator’s overall fuel-efficiency with increased durability and good fuel economy.

Spark arrester

To camp in any of the United States’ National Parks and forests, a generator needs to have a spark arrester. This keeps sparks from leaving the exhaust system and causing fires. The Yamaha has one so you are free to use the generator for camping and RVing.



Because of the inverter waves, you can power up any device with microcomputers, which include a wide range of electronics like laptops, TVs, and Smartphones. The DC output also allows you to charge batteries, so you don’t need to use the generator for everything and can instead choose a variety of battery-operated lights, radios, and so on to save your generator for other needs.

Efficient and green

The EF2800i is both fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly (it’s CARB-compliant), so you save money while you’re helping the environment. The Economy control on the generator serves a double purpose; it helps the generator stay quiet, and improves how the generator uses fuel. You save money on gas and the generator emits less exhaust.

Includes a noise suppressor

The noise suppressor on the Yamaha helps reduce the electrical interference you get from radios and TVs and other noise that generator might cause.


A bit expensive

Considering the amount of power you get with this generator, it’s kind of expensive. However, it is an inverter, which means cleaner, more effective power, and those type of generators tend to cost more. You can also use the generator in a lot of places.

Overall Review

For a very effective generator that gives you a lot of hours, the Yamaha EF2800i 2,800 Watt Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator is a great choice. It uses inverter technology for more stable, reliable energy and when you use the generator at 25%, you can get 15 hours of power for all your devices, including computers and TVs. If you want to use the generator at your cabin, you can do that as well; it’s quiet and has a spark arrester.