AR Blue Clean AR240 Electric Pressure Washer
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The AR240 is one of the highest quality pressure pumps. Technology apt for the industrial sector has been suitably adapted to suit homeowners and their needs. The 3 axial postin wobble plate pump, gun wand with 2 distinct spray heads, water filter, detergent tanks, a detergent injector kit, high pressure hose, and a powerful long lasting (induction) motor make this one of the best among its class of high pressure washers. The water pressure is 1750 psi and the volume it sprays out is 1.5 gpm. The plungers are made of tempered steel. The automatic safety valve shuts off pressure at the pump head.

Pros and cons of the AR383 pressure washer

The AR240, like most other from the company, is a powerful pressure cleaner. It can be used to clean rough surfaces like driveways, and most tough stains including oil stains, grease, tar, mildew, caked mud, and even rust.

Design and Portability

lightweight and small, the AR240 can be easily maneuvered around when being used for cleaning. It is also a pretty balanced model and does not tip over easily. The hose in the AR240 is not wound on top of the unit, like most cleaners. This design change does not make it top-heavy, and hence, unbalanced.


The unit comes with 2 nozzles to simplify the cleaning process. One nozzle is turbo and the other is adjustable. Its 20 foot hose and a 30 ft long power cable aid in cleaning wide areas like the driveway, and the garage.


The AR240 is extremely silent and works quietly unlike many other pressure washers in the category.


The instructions for assembly are unclear which makes putting the unit together a task. For people who have used similar products, assembly not be an issue but for first timers, this could be a challenge.

Design flaws

The grooves provided for wrapping the power cord are inept at holding it, and there is no place to hold the plug. Also the attachable tool holder is placed very un-thoughtfully making using it a pain. Alternatively, calling up the friendly and helpful customer service may help in putting together the pieces and getting the unit ready for work.


As seems to be the problem with most pressure washers, the adapter where the hose attaches with the unit leaks. A wiser alternative option is to purchase a brass adaptor for holding the hose in place and avoiding any leakage from the point.