Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 1800PSI
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Electric pressure washers make cleaning hard to clean surface like driveways and patios feel like a piece of cake. The Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 is one such electric powered pressure washer that effectively and efficiently, cleans tough surfaces and stains. It provides 1800 psi of water pressure, gushing out almost 1.5 gpm water. The lightweight and reliable motor is 120 V, 14 amp motor which runs quietly and effectively. The automatic trigger manages the start and stop of the machine ensuring the machine shuts off automatically if the trigger is unengaged. The 1.5 L detergent tanks make for ease of use and operation considering most people use detergent to clean cars and driveways, even patios. The power cord is 35 ft. long, and the hose is 20 ft. long, with storage facility on board the unit.

Pros and cons of the Campbell Hausfeld PW1825


The PW1825 comes with 2 nozzles: one is a conical sprayer and is non-adjustable. The other one is an adjustable nozzle. The water pressure can also be adjusted depending on the requirement; from a high pressure stream to an almost hose like low pressure spray. The shape of the spray can also be adjusted, from a narrow screen like stream to a fan like pattern. The unit also has a 20 ft. long hose pipe and a 35 ft. long power cord.

Design and Portability

Smartly designed, the PW1825 is highly portable. The big wheels on the unit make movement easier and faster. One of the really good things about this power washer is the presence of the hose spindle and the power cord holder on the machine itself, in spite of which the machine does not look as if its burdened.


Silent and effective, the PW1825 is can be used to clean the toughest of surfaces; from mildew to mould, it cleans everything. It can also be used to clean cars, and lawn equipment. The long power cord and hose pipe, coupled with the unit’s big wheels makes it an easy to use pressure washer. For cleaning a wooden pation, for instance, it is advised to use the fan setting to avoid the ripping of the wood.

Power packed

Water pressure offered by the PW1825 is 1800 Psi and volume is 1.5 gpm. The motor is a 120 V, 14 amp lightweight universal motor, which is quiet, does not have emissions and is odourless. The automatic trigger manages the start and stop of the machine ensuring the machine shuts off automatically if the trigger is unengaged, which extends the life of the motor.


Like most other pressure cleaners in its class, even the PW1825 faces the problem on the cracking adapter. There is thus the need to purchase a metallic adaptor for sustained usage and eliminating leakage.