Generac 6024 Gas
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Impressive pressure washer

Generac 6024 3,100 PSI pressure washer is a high performing machine that gives excellent cleaning power and is highly dependable. The ease of use is another significant feature that makes the pressure washer the first choice for your cleaning needs. The 212cc OHV engine with horizontal shaft is fitted with a pump that is at similar height as the engine, facilitating easy connection to a hose. The machine uses 2.7 gallons in a minute. The engine is built to shut down when the oil is low. The startup is also easy because of the unloader valve that is integrated in the engine. The durable and sturdy welded frame gives the machine a long life. The small and compact structure enables easy storage.

All-purpose washer

The compact and well-designed model is easy for giving a powerful wash to the patio furniture, driveway, deck, preparing surfaces for paining, getting rid of hard to remove concrete stains and any other area in your home which needs a heavy cleaning. The five nozzle tips with Quick Click fixing ability include 0, 15, 25 and 40 degree for blast, strip, clean and wash ,and one for soap. A 30 foot hose gives flexibility of use.

Convenient to use

The Generac power washer is a finely crafted machine that is built for durability and convenience in use. Its features are highly refined and not found in the competitor models. To start with, the frame is made of welded metal that gives the entire washer a sturdy body. The engine is also easy to start because of the in-built platform and a gun holster that is integrated. The axial cam pump is easy to access and is built in such a way that the heat produced while the engine is running is easily dissipated. This helps in a longer life for the washer. The trigger of the washer can be easily pulled without giving fatigue to the user. The same level pump avoids kneeling down to fix the hose.


Powerful spray gun

The spray gun features superior performance. The thick cushion grip enables hassle free handling and can be used for extended time. The trigger in the gun is also easy to use reducing fatigue. The long barreled shape also is ergonomically designed to reduce strain on the hands, and improves the stability.

Easy to use controls

The controls present including the on and off buttons for the engine, choke and fuel shut down are easily accessible and you need not bend or kneel down to reach them.

Sturdy wheels

The powerful engine and the water pump are balanced on a sturdy and well-designed axle. This provides an easy and effortless maneuverability. The 10” wheels give the entire washer good stability and also appear majestic.

User friendly features

The two ¾ gallon detergent tank can hold a large amount of cleaning solutions giving you a better and hassle free wash. The integrated holder for spray gun and the hook for the cable help to protect the gun and also make it easy to transport it. The foot rest is uniquely designed to give stability to the unit and for easy start up. The axial cam pump is at sufficient height enabling easy connection of hoses.



Durability is a cause for concern, as the engine and pump is horizontally shafted. The product has otherwise a very good alignment that makes it easy to maneuver.

Careful use

Though the Generac pressure washer is quite handy around the house, it should be used with care on your car. The power is on the higher side for car washing. To prevent damage to the car’s surface using the white spray tip and staying one foot away from the car will work out well.


In spite of minor setbacks like horizontal shafted engine and deciding on the area to be used, the Generac 212 cc engine is a potent washer with excellent performance that comes handy for all your home cleaning projects.