Generac 6596 Pressure
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Maneuverable gas-powered pressure washer with OHV engine and comfortable use

Using the power of water, the Generac 6596 residential pressure washer cleans your patio furniture, car, deck, driveway, and more. It’s powered by an OHV engine with a large gas tank so you can take it just about anywhere, and it holds detergent right in the unit for easy access. The hose and hose attachments are all designed to make using the Generac comfortable for everyone, so you can quickly and effectively clean your outdoor area without wasting time.

196cc OHV engine

Unlike electric pressure washers, the Generac 6596 has a 2.5-gallon gas tank and an 196cc OHV engine. OHV engines (overhead valve) are designed to be more efficient and conserve more energy than non-OHV engines, so your pressure washer is equipped with a reliable power source.

¾-gallon detergent tank

When you’re washing your driveway or deck, you don’t always want to just use water. The Generac has an onboard tank just for cleaning detergent and at ¾ gallon, you don’t have to be constantly refilling it.

4 Quick-Change nozzles

When you get the Generac, your hose comes with 4 Quick-Change nozzles so you can choose which ones suit each of your cleaning tasks best. You get a 0-degree Blast nozzle, a 24-degree Clean, 40-degree Wash, and a Soap nozzle. Swiftly change between nozzles to get the best, most effective cleaning experience possible.


CARB-compliant option

There are two Generac 6596 models: one that isn’t CARB-compliant and one that is. Though you do pay a bit more for the CARB version, you will save energy and ultimately money in the long-run. You are also getting a more environmentally-friendly pressure washer, as CARB standards require that a machine reduce its greenhouse emissions before getting the California Air Resources Board’s approval.


Cleaning is never a fun job, especially when you’re working with ground-in grime on brick and patio furniture. The Generac’s design does its best to make cleaning less stressful on your body. The spray gun comes with a cushion-grip handle, and all the hose attachments are accessible to get to so you don’t have to constantly bend down or kneel to attach hoses back on the washer.

Lightweight and easy to move

Because the Generac is made of plastic, it’s lightweight. It has large 10-inch wheels made of hard plastic, so while they are light, they are still durable enough to move across rougher ground like cobblestones. Unlike electric washers that need to be plugged in, the power source to the Generac (the engine) is located right on it, so you aren’t limited by the length of an outlet cord.


Not a great hose

The main downside to this washer is that the hose isn’t great. It’s prone to leaks and not made from very strong material. The force of the water is very strong, so the hose won’t be able to hold up for very long. You can upgrade to a better hose that will last longer, and you’ll be able to benefit from the Generac’s many other great features.

Overall Review

The Generac 6596 2,800 PSI gas powered residential pressure washer has a powerful OHV engine, four nozzles, and a large detergent tank that all enable you to clean your deck, driveway, and other outdoor areas way more efficiently than before. Cleaning is comfortable, and you aren’t limited by a power cord or heavy parts. Choose the CARB-compliant model if you want to conserve energy and reduce emissions.