1800PSI 1 3GPM Electric Pressure
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Four-wheeled, efficient pressure washer with two powerful wands and convenient accessory storage

Your outdoor area needs to be cleaned just as much as the inside; maybe even more, in many cases. The Karcher K 3.000 Follow Me 1800PSI electric pressure washer uses high-pressure water and detergent to clean brick, stone, concrete, vehicles, fences, and more. All of the Karcher features are designed to add convenience, from the onboard detergent tank, to the washer’s ability to follow you as you work, so you don’t need to do any heavy lifting or pushing.

Four-wheel pressure washer follows you

The Follow Me has large rear wheels and front casters, so you just pull on the cord and the pressure washer smoothly “follows” you as you move to other locations that need cleaning. This means no more bending down or lifting, and you can clean much faster thanks to the washer’s maneuverability.

DirtBlaster wand

The included Dirtblaster Wand is ideal for cleaning hard surfaces, like brick and stone. It blasts away deeply-embedded dirt and more, and has up to 80% more cleaning power than other wands.

Onboard detergent tank

Using soap to clean outside doesn’t require anything extra like a bucket. The Karcher K 3.000 has an onboard detergent tank that you fill with your favorite solution. When you don’t want to use soap, you can quickly shift to just water, too.


Everything you need is close by

When you’re ready to clean outdoors, all you need to bring with you is the Karcher. The Quick Connect System which is located on all the hose connections latches all your accessories to the Karcher so they’re easy to keep track of and used. Add the detergent tank to the mix, and you have everything you could possibly need at your fingertips.

Vario Power Spray wand

In addition to the Dirtblaster wand, you also get the Vario Power Spray wand when you buy the Karcher K. 3000 This wand allows you to adjust water pressure, so you can gently spray away fresh mud, or choose a powerful blast to get off really dried grit. You get a lot of flexibility with this wand.

Powerful, but efficient

While the Karcher Follow Me is undeniably powerful (1800 PSI) – specifically, 35x more pressure than a garden hose – it actually uses 80% less water than that same garden hose. You can save on water and waste less while harnessing its power more efficiently.


Limited distance

You’re limited in terms of where you can actually take the Karcher because it needs to be connected to a power and water source at all times. This might mean you can’t reach all of your brick walkway or fence at the end of the drive. However, to make up for the need to be connected to power and water sources, the Karcher does have an extra long cord, and you can experiment with extension cords. Just be sure you don’t get tangled up or electrocute yourself.

Overall Review

The Karcher K 3.000 Follow Me 1800PSI electric pressure washer is a powerful cleaning tool complete with two wands designed to wash grime away from just about everything, like stone, cars, and fences. You don’t have to lug the washer around thanks to its extra-smooth maneuverability (it literally “follows you” as you pull on it), and all of your cleaning tools including detergent, are located right on the machine for your convenience.