Karcher X-Series Electric Washer
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Exceptional performance

Karcher 5-Series line is a durable electric model pressure washer for home cleaning. Built strongly the machine can withstand heavy duty use. The innovative motor is designed with an automatic water cooling patented mechanism, which enables durability and better performance. When compared to a general garden hose the K 5.540 uses 40 times more power at 2000 PSI.

Outstanding features

The electric washer comes with DirtBlaster spray wand, which enhances the pressure to more than 50 percent. This comes handy in case of tough cleaning jobs. For lighter and less intensive cleaning, the Vario Power Spray or VPS wand can be used. This allows reducing the pressure in the wand itself.

User friendly features

The enhance structure of the Karcher 5.540 comes with an inbuilt hose reel, which is pressurized. Convenient to use and with hassle free features for storage, the Karcher washer has a fast connect system that reduces the start up to nearly 75%. The detergent tank present onboard the washer enables easy cleaning, without having to fill the tank up frequently.

Smooth and efficient

The electric model is much quieter when compared to the gasoline using washers. Moreover the washer is approved for safety standards by CSA International. The X Series model with 2000 PSI has the water cooled technology that makes the engine perform smoothly and with high efficiency.

Mode of working

The X series model is simple to use. You need to just fill the detergent tank with pressure washer detergent, connect VPS spray wand and choose from the pressure setting. When the pressure is set, you just apply detergent on the area you need to clean. If there is no faucet available you can also get water from standing sources.


Unbeatable value for money

The Karcher X series pressure washer is the first of its kind in the water cooled engine models in the pressure washer industry. The 25 foot hose with hose reel K 5.540 is the best in terms of excellent features and great price.

Child safety feature

This is a wonderful feature that homeowners will love as in households with small kids, cleaning with a high power machine can be quite difficult. Keeping an eye on the kids while cleaning can make the cleaning more arduous and frustrating, and dangerous too. The safety lock keeps the children safe and lets you focus better on the cleaning.

Quick Connect

The easy connection of the hose to the system makes it a hassle free operation. Connecting hoses in the wrong way or worrying about the right connection does not happen in this plug -and -operate machine.

Easy adjustment

The VPS or vario power spray has several beneficial features including the push button for adjusting pressure level of water spray.


Plastic hose attachment

The Karcher X Series has very few negative features. The plastic hose attachment is a bit on the low quality side and should be used with care to avoid damage to the hose.


The Karcher X Series is a sophisticated cutting edge technology integrated pressure washer that is ideal for home use. The two different spray wands, child safety lock and other special cleaning features make it a product designed for producing top quality results.