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In this privacy statement you find an overview of the information we collect about visitors when they use our website and an overview of third party services we use that influence your privacy. We find the privacy of the visitors of very important, and we do our best to provide you with as much accurate information as possible. Also at the bottom of this document you find more information on how you can protect your privacy better through changing your browser settings.

Types of information we collect

There are two types of information we collect: anonymous information, and personal identifiable information. Anonymous information consists of data that can’t be related to a real person, and is used and stored for example to perform maintenance, security checks and to track site usage. Personal identifiable information involves all information you provide about yourself on our website, we collect such information for example when you submit a contact form, subscribe to an email newsletter or signup for a giveaway contest. Below you find a detailed description about the ways that data is collected and used on and by third-party services we use to run this website.

1. Server logs files

Server logs are log files that store data about visitors that connect to our web server. These server logs store information about the connection that is made between your computer and our web server, and include the Internet Protocol (IP) address, Internet Service Provider (ISP), and other data like the date/time of your visit, your browser type among other things. It also logs the number of clicks and pages that are visited on this site and similar data. Similar data is collected by almost all web servers, and can be used to analyze site engagement and to visualize trends. This data, including the IP address, is not linked to any personal identifiable information.

2. Site user metrics

To monitor our website and to analyze usage statistics we use tools, including third-party tools that can track visitor’s behavior around our website. This data includes; visit duration, number of visitors, pages per visit, number of clicks, visited pages, and many other statistics. It can also include demographic information like age group, location, and information related to your computer device like the used browser type, screen resolution and more. This data is anonymous, as it is not linked to personal identifiable information in any way. We use these statistics to improve the website experience, test the engagement difference after website redesigns and to track the number of visitors on our website.

2.1 Google Analytics:

One of the third-party tools we use for this is Google Analytics. To know more about the privacy policy of Google Analytics please check their website.

2.2 Other Tools:

From time to time we use other website analysis tools. That might track mouse movement, clicks, and scroll behavior, among other things. This information is used to analyze site usage and improve our webdesign.

3. Geo targeting

On some pages of our website we serve Geo-targeted content. This means that parts of the pages on are tailored to your geographic region. For example you might see listed prices in your local currency. We do use third-party software for this, which identifies the country you are from using the IP you use to connect to our web servers. The smallest region we currently use to provide customized content is on ‘Country’ level. We do not store or collect these IP address used to identify the region/country you are visiting the website from, however the third-party provider might do so.

4. Signup forms & giveaways

On our website we sometimes have giveaways either run by our own signup form, or by a signup form provided by a third-party. By using these signup forms you give us permission to execute the intention of the signup form. For example, if you signup to win a prize, we will use your name and email (provided by you) to contact you in case you won. If in any case we will use the provided information in a different way, we will ask permission during the usage of these signup forms. Information is stored and archived and can be used to analyze the performance of the giveaways or promotions, and to improve the experience of future promotions.

4.1 Giveaways:

To participate in a giveaway we normally collect your name and email address and any information collected through the giveaway form. This includes all information that you fill in and all information that is acquired through the (social media) accounts you connect with our giveaway app/signup form. When connecting third-party accounts with our giveaway form, respective privacy policies and terms of service apply. We will never use your name or email address for anything else than completing the giveaway, if not stated otherwise. For example if you sign up for a newsletter through our giveaway we will use your name and email address to send the newsletters. Other information collected in giveaways can be used to examine if you are eligible to win the price, for example, we will verify if your answers or submitted actions don’t break the giveaway rules. Giveaway rules will be published on our giveaway page, or linked from our giveaway pages.

4.2 Publishing names of winners:

We will only publish your name as the winner of a giveaway if we have asked permission first. For example, if you compete in our giveaways you accept the terms & conditions of the giveaway and give us permission (if stated in the terms & conditions) to publish your name in case of winning the giveaway.

5. Newsletter signup

If you sign up for a newsletter on our website, we collect your email address and possibly your name too. We will never share or sell your personal data without your permission, except in case we will sell our business or website as a whole. In this case it is possible that data of our visitors and subscribers is transferred with it in such a deal, as a transfer of our complete business or website. This data will remain related to running this website and only be used to execute running this website. We will never sell or share this information on its own. For more information about this please see the specific paragraph about this subject below, this paragraph is called: “Business transfer”.

5.1 Unsubscribing from newsletter:

You can always unsubscribe from our email newsletters; you find an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter. In case this method does not work for some reason, please feel free to contact us through our contact form here, and we will unsubscribe you manually.

5.2 Third party email provider:

We do use third-party tools to send and create our newsletters, and collect your signup information. When signing up for a newsletter your name and email address will be stored at the third-party provided, and can be used to perform data analyses. Among this data these third-party tool can store more information about you, for example it can log demographic data, IP addresses, browser types etc.. We do not have any control over the data that is collected by the third-party provider and how it is used. These third party provides do provide their own privacy statement which can be found either during signup or when receiving an email.

6. Cookies

Our website uses cookies to collect usage data and preferences, and uses it to provide more functionality to our visitors or to track and analyze site visits. For example we can customize the Ratingle website based on your browser type and other data that is send by your browser while using our website. You can block cookies in your browser to prevent the working of cookies, in some cases some of the functionality of our website cannot be used when you turn of or block cookies with your browser.

6.1 Third-party cookies

Third-party tools used at also use the technique of cookies to collect data from your visit and to provide customized functionality. Please see the related paragraphs to know more about each type of third-party provider we use.

7. Social media

On we use social media to provide you with easy accessible options to engage with our content. For example we have social sharing buttons and different social media integrations that enhance the functionality of for example; comment forms and giveaway contests.

7.1 Social media integration:

We use social media platforms to provide easy social sharing buttons, link to and show excerpts from our social media profiles, and provide other functionality related with different social networks.

7.2 Social sharing buttons

To allow our visitors to share articles and other content from this website, we provide social media buttons on some of the pages. These social media buttons let you connect easily to your social media, and share articles on our website. These social media buttons mostly use JavaScript and cookies to provide this functionality, and can collect additional information about the usage of our website, and the usage of the social media buttons during your visit at our website. These third-party integrations can collect information about your visit that can be related to your identity if you have an account at the respective social media platform. Please consult their privacy policies for more specific information on the information that is collected.

8. Advertising

Some of the pages of our website contain advertisement either run by us or run by a third-party advertising company. These companies can collect usage data while you browse our website. If you click on the advertising they might track you, and collect more data. We are in no way affiliated to the sites and companies that are linked to from advertising. By clicking you will be redirected to the site of the other company, and their privacy policy applies.

9. Affiliate links

Some of the pages contain affiliate links, that means that if you click on the link we earn a small commission on some of the purchases you make on the other website. These companies can collect data when you visit their website, this is beyond our control.

10. External links

On some pages on our website you find links to relevant resources. We do our best to find the best and most trust able information for you. We do however have no control over the contents of external websites and any privacy policy that applies on those domains. Sometimes the intended page might be removed or replaced by a different page or website. We do check our links regularly but cannot accept any liability over the effects of the external website. If you find that a resource on our website is outdated, please contact us here and we will try to remove it shortly.

11. Contact forms and other forms

When using our contact forms we will collect the data that is submitted with the form. We use this information to respond to your question, and will store emails and contact data for future reference. Sometimes these forms will also collect additional data like the IP address that was used to send the form, we use this to prevent spam and in case of misuse block the IP address from using the form and/or our website again.

12. Business transfer

In case that our business or our website, or parts of them are transferred as part of a business deal, information that is collected and stored by our website and company described in this document can be part of this business deal, and thus be transferred to the other party.

13. Website changes

If in any case changes apply to our website, or business or our business model, we have the right to use previous collected data to serve our users with the same or similar experience as before. For example if we change the name of our website, and our website is moved to another domain, we remain the right to send newsletters to users that have signup before on our old website/domain. Other cases are if we launch a mobile application to serve or visitors in a more versatile way, we can include functionalities that involve user data that was collected through our website, to serve similar services. We will try to inform our users about these kind of changes.

14. Tips to protect your privacy

Many browsers contain privacy options that can improve the privacy while browsing the internet. If you are worried about your privacy check your browser settings and see if you can set it differently by blocking certain cookies or JavaScript files. Please be aware that blocking such things can decrease the site experience, and can cause some part of this and other websites to not function properly. Many browsers also support ‘add-ons’ that can improve your privacy while using the browser, please check your browsers website to find more information about this.

15. Consent

By using our website, you hereby agree to our terms & conditions and this privacy policy.

16. Update

Our Privacy Policy was last updated on: July 08, 2018. If we update, make changes or amend to this privacy policy document, then we will publish these changes on this page. If you have questions regarding this privacy statement, please use this contact form.