Hand Reel 14 Inch
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Affordable, effective 19-pound reel mower cuts grass short with one-blade reel

The American Lawn Mower 1204-14 Deluxe hand reel mower is a lightweight, one-blade mower that fits any budget and cuts grass short for a clean, manicured lawn. It’s easy for anyone to use regardless of height, age, or strength, and is made from durable materials so it will last a long time.

One-blade reel

The mower’s reel uses one blade to give your lawn a scissor-like cut. You can choose the height you want your grass to be cut as long as it’s between ½ inch and 1 ½-inch height. The cutting width is 14 inches, which is just over a foot long.

8 ½-inch diameter high impact, polymer wheels

The American Lawn Mower is guided by 8 1/2 -inch diameter wheels that are high impact and made from polymer. They also have a integral molded tread for increased traction on a variety of grass so the mower is easy to move around.

19 pounds

The 1204-14 is extremely lightweight and only weighs 19 pounds. Anyone can push this mower around easily, even if they aren’t used to mowing the lawn. Having a lightweight reel mower also means it is easy to store and can be moved around according to your storage needs.


Comfortable use

Using the American Lawn Mower Deluxe is very comfortable. It comes with a zinc-plated handle with plastic grips so your hands aren’t slipping as you push, and the grips fit right in your palm.


The reel on this mower is made from alloy steel, so it is built to last. It can endure a lot of mowing and by keeping the blades sharp (sharpening should occur about once every year), the mower stays in good shape and will last a long time.

Ideal for cool-season grass

If you have any of the cool-season grass varieties (bluegrass, rye, etc), the American Lawn Mower is designed to work especially well. The mower cuts easily through the grass, giving your lawn a beautiful, precise look that a gas-powered mower wouldn’t be able to achieve.


Not very wide cutting width

One weakness with this mower is that the 14-inch cutting width is not very wide. This means you need to make more passes over the lawn to get every spot. Other reel mowers have upwards of 16-inches cutting decks and result in faster mowing times. However, if your lawn is small, the 14 inches is more than adequate and because the mower is so lightweight, making a few more passes doesn’t eat up very much time.

Cuts grass very short

Another issue with the American Lawn Mower is with the cutting heights. You don’t have a very wide range so your grass will be cut very short. Certain grass types don’t fare well with such short lengths, so be aware of what your lawn type’s ideal height is. On the other hand, cutting shorter grass means less frequent mowing, which is a common complaint with reel mowers.

Overall Review

The American Lawn Mower 1204-14 Deluxe hand reel mower is a very affordable, lightweight mower that’s easy to use and offers precise cutting. Like all reel mowers, it emits zero pollution. This particular mower is made from very durable materials, has a simple design, and is perfect if you have a small lawn, limited storage space, and want short grass.