1815-18 18-Inch Mower
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Durable reel mower with 5 tempered blades, wide cutting width, and cutting height adjustments

If you want a reel mower that offers a pretty wide cutting width, has a good range of cutting height options, and will last a while, the American Lawn Mower 1815-18 is a good candidate for you. It has 5 tempered alloy steel blades, wheels built for balance and ease of use, and isn’t too hard on your bank account.

5 tempered alloy steel blades

A crucial feature of any reel mowers is how good the blades are. With the 1815-18, you get 5 tempered alloy steel blades built to stay sharp for longer and cut grass cleanly and precisely. The cutting deck is 18 inches wide, which is on the wider side compared to other reel mowers. A wide cutting width means faster mowing with fewer passes.

Adjustable cutting heights ½-2 ¾ inch

In addition to sharp blades, you want to be able to have control over the length of your lawn when you’re finished mowing. Adjust the mower’s cutting height anywhere in the range of ½-inch to 2 ¾-inch.

10-inch wheels and radial tires

Maneuverability is usually a primary concern for most people. The 10-inch wheels and radial tires on the American Lawn Mower help keep the mower balanced with strong traction so you can safely and easily cut through tougher, southern-style grass like Bermuda.



The American Lawn Mower 1815 is a very durable little reel. It is made from alloy steel with an unbreakable steel side plate, and metal wheels. These strong materials keep the mower sturdy even after frequent use, so you don’t have to worry about the mower wearing down or falling apart after only a few years.

Easy to move

At about 30 pounds, this mower is relatively lightweight, and with the soft foam-cushioned handles, you can mow for an hour or more without getting blisters. Using this reel mower is easy for just about anyone, and without an engine powering the blades, it’s very safe even for young people to use.


Speed is important when it comes to mowing your lawn. You don’t want to spend half your day on just this one chore. The wide cutting width plays a big part in reducing your overall mow time. A wider deck means you don’t have to make as many passes with the mower to get the whole lawn, which means you can mow quickly and easily.


Doesn’t cut long grass

The main weakness with the 1815 is pretty standard for reel mowers: it doesn’t cut long grass or weeds. Some reel mowers have higher cutting-height options, which means they can cut slightly taller grass, but with the tallest grass choice being 2 ¾-inch, anything taller will just get pushed over. This all translates into having to mow more often. However, your mowing time will also be much shorter than with reels with narrower cutting widths, so it all balances out in the end.

Overall Review

The American Lawn Mower 1815-18 reel mower is a durable, relatively affordable choice with very sturdy, sharp blades. Mowing your lawn becomes a fast chore that anyone in your family can perform, and with several grass height options, you can have the lawn of your dreams with very little effort.