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Easy-to-push, versatile reel mower with superior cutting technology and clean discharge

If you are looking for a reel mower that is easier to push than the competition and still offers fantastic cutting, the Fiskars StaySharp Max reel mower is one to consider. It uses InertiaDrive and a StaySharp cutting system to make mowing your lawn effective and easy, even without the power of gas.


When you think about reel mowers, you probably imagine sweating over a mower in the hot sun for hours. However, with the StaySharp Max’s InertiaDrive, you get a mower that’s 60% easier to push than other reel mowers. That same reel also has twice as much cutting power, so working through tough grasses, twigs, and so on is much easier than with comparable reels.

Exclusive StaySharp Cutting System

That cutting power translates over to the StaySharp cutting system. This mower’s blades never touch while they cut, so they aren’t grinding or bumping against each other and wearing down. You don’t have to sharpen them nearly as often as you would with mowers without the StaySharp cutting system, so you save money on sharpening and consistently get precisely-sliced grass.

Inset wheel design

When you mow your lawn, you probably often look back and realize you’ve been missing the sides and corners. Getting up that close to the edge of your lawn can be tricky. The inset wheel design on the StaySharp 62016935J helps you get closer to those sides, so you don’t have to keep going over your lawn and spending more time working outside in the yard.


Cuts a lot

The Fiskars StaySharp Max cuts a huge variety of grass. With the VersaCut technology, you get a mower that has an easy height adjustment and superior cutting on even tough grasses, like Bermuda and Bahia. Trim your grass to the ideal height without frustration.

Convenient and quiet

Another positive to the SharpSharp Max 62016935J (that all reel mowers have) is that there is no loud engine noise. You can mow in the evening or even early morning, and not disturb a soul. You get the added convenience of never having to mess with gasoline, oil, or batteries. While all reel mowers share these features, they also often have inferior cutting systems and while they are quiet and convenient, you have to keep mowing for a long time. Not so with the Fiskars 62016935J.

Clean grass discharge

As you mow, the grass clippings have to go somewhere. Oftentimes, they go all over your feet and clothes. The StaySharp Max has a unique grass discharge chute so the clippings get thrown away and forward, so your feet stay clean.



This is a heavy mower. It weighs 52 pounds. If you want your kid to mow the lawn with this reel, he might have trouble with it unless he’s pretty strong. This heaviness implies the mower was intended for smaller lawns and for stronger mowers. If this is you, the weight probably won’t be an issue.

Doesn’t cut tall weeds

Another problem with the StaySharp Max reel is that it doesn’t cut long weeds or grass very well. Even when you adjust the mower, you still get a lot of long stuff left behind. This is just a problem if you wait too long to mow your grass. If you have weeds, try cutting those with a weedwacker first or pulling them up by hand, if there aren’t that many.

Overall Review

Despite its weight, the Fiskars StaySharp Max reel mower has some special features that make it 60% easier to push than other reel mowers. It cuts a wide variety of grass and has a StaySharp cutting system that keeps the mower blades sharper for longer. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty, environmentally-friendly mower for a small lawn, check out the Fiskars StaySharp Max.