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Very light, durable reel lawn mower ideal for small, short lawns

If you want your lawn to have very short, neat grass, the Great States 204-14 Deluxe hand reel push lawn mower offers short cutting heights and a narrow cutting width ideal for small lawns. The mower made of durable materials like alloy steel as well, so it will last you a long time.

1-blade reel

In terms of how the mower actually cuts your grass, the Great States 204-14 uses a simple, 1-blade reel that can cut your grass between ½-inch to 1 ½-inch. This is very short, so if you want your lawn to have that golf-course look, you’ll be very pleased with how this mower scissors your grass.

Alloy steel reel and bed knife blade

The blade on the reel is made from alloy steel, as is the bed knife blade. These are very durable materials that can handle frequent mowing, so your mower won’t be breaking apart after only a few sessions or if you run into rougher terrain.

8 1/2 -inch, high impact polymer wheels

Since reel lawn pushers rely entirely on your strength, it’s very important that the design helps you maneuver smoothly. The 8 ½-inch, high impact polymer wheels have an integral molded tread for increased traction and strong grip on the ground, so you can roll over rough patches and cut tough grass.



A common concern with push reel mowers is that they are flimsier than gas-powered or electric mowers, but with the alloy steel construction of the reel and steel side plate, the Great States 204-14 is built to last. The single spinning blade is designed to stay sharp (sharpen annually to keep your mower performing at its best) so you get years of use from the mower.


Since you have to push the mower along, weight is a big issue. With the Great States, you could lift the mower with one hand, so it’s definitely light enough for anyone in your family to use.

Easy assembly

Putting the Great States Deluxe together is extremely easy. Without any engine parts, you really just have to attach the handle, which takes about 10 minutes at the most. You can mow your lawn the same day you get it.


No height adjustment

Unlike many reel mowers, this one doesn’t have an easy cutting height adjustment. Unless you want very short grass every time, you have to figure out how to manually adjust the cutting deck.

Narrow cutting width

Another issue with the Great States 204-14 is that the cutting width (14 inches) is narrower than many other reels. This means you have to make more passes to get your lawn mowed. If you have a large lawn, mowing will take a long time. However, if you have a small lawn, about a foot-long cutting width might be just fine.

Overall Review

The Great States 204-14 deluxe hand reel push lawn mower is a simple, easy-to-use mower that’s ideal for small lawns. The mower is durable, so you can expect it to last for years to come, and it’s light enough for anyone in your family to use.